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Thursday, April 11, 2019

J - Juggling

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

J is for Juggling

If you are older, try to remember the many tasks your 25 year old self juggled in one day.   If you are still young - take a moment in your busy day to check out your future.  

Let see ... I pick a typical Friday when I was 25 years old, married, a grade school teacher and pregnant.  

Friday looked like this:
  • Pop out of bed before 6 am
  • Dress while sipping coffee (thankfully set up the night before.)
  • Feed the cats before breakfast - Clean the litter.
  • Feed myself breakfast standing at the counter making a bag lunch
  • Make a quick grocery list for food shopping (budget for the week was $20, ha!)
  • Quick review of Friday lesson plans 
  • Commute to work
  • Stop for weekly gas fill up on the way
  • (We will skip the school day where I juggle the hundreds of things grade school teachers do in 8 hours.)
  • Gather up next week's lesson plan materials and papers to grade. 
  • Commute to grocery store - Fridays were food shopping day right after work - and stop by the liquor store to pick up some cheap wine fizzy something.  Liquor wasn't a no-no for a pregnant woman 45 years ago.
  • Do a fast unpack of groceries, a quick clean up of the apartment upon getting home
  • Fix dinner, eat quick, and clean up
  • Prepare a few dips for chips and veggies for visiting Friday night friends.
  • Slap out board games and snacks
  • Grade a few papers while waiting for guests to arrive
  • Entertain until say midnight
  • Spot pick up after company leaves
  • Set up the coffee for Saturday morning
  • Hit the sack at 1:00-ish am.
  • Inserts bunches and bunches of bathroom breaks in-between other things (remember - pregnant!)
  • Off and running again for weekend fun activities and school work prep.

This is the 72 year old me - trying to remember what the 25 year old me juggled 45 years ago.   Exhausting to my eye now - but I don't remember being all that tired then.

That was then!


Some demands are gone, of course, and some are changed - no job, no commute, not pregnant for sure.  Still married - however, husband is disabled (legally blind), and needs more assistance.  Today a 72 year old me might prepare for a Friday - with company like this.  

Wednesday (Yes, Wednesday!!  Give me a break - I am older.)
  • First off, there is absolutely NO POPPING OUT OF BED on any day of the week!! 
  • Make a list of everything I need to do - without the list I would just sit and knit or read.
  • Vacuum and dust.
  • rest
  • Prepare the menu and grocery list for the next week and for Friday company.  This prep is exhaustive - checking cookbooks for recipes and reviewing grocery store sales.
  • rest
  • Cook Wednesdays dinner, eat and clean up.
  • Assist husband with finding an item he has lost, or searching Amazon for something he wants to purchase, or sending an email on his behalf, or problem solving a computer issues he cannot find on the screen, or picking up prescriptions on his behalf. 

  • Food shop - this takes all morning now - no fast spin through the grocery store.  There is more checking for cheapest prices, reading food labels to insure a choice is healthy, doubling back to previous aisles to get things I missed the first time through. (Lots of doubling back.  Sigh.)
  • Unpacking groceries and repacking certain items - freezing, labeling, reorganizing - making sure things are where my legally blind husband can find them independently.
  • rest
  • Begin to prepare food for Friday night company dinner.
  • Order take out dinner - which I pick up because my husband doesn't drive.  Reality check:  No standing and cooking tonight's dinner after food shopping and cooking for the next day.  
  • Assist husband again with something.

  • Compete food prep for company
  • rest
  • Do a pick-up sweep through the house
  • Do a liquor store run - for company and for us  - Yes, we have a nice cocktail once a day - one of the benefits of aging and not giving a sh*t.  (See?  It isn't all gloom and doom.)
  • Clean the guest bathroom so it isn't a health risk, ha! (I don't think I ever worried about health risks at 25 - remember, young ... I was going to live forever!)
  • rest
  • Set out appetizers (now I call them appetizers instead of snacks 😝)
  • Serve dinner and entertain until about 10:30 - fading out occurs about that time after company prep.
  • Pick up after guests
  • Collapse in bed around 11:00 pm
  • Recover!  Schedule nothing! 

So what lessons have I learned about juggling all the balls of life with this exercise?  
  • Thank God I am not trying to juggle a job as well.  Yea!!! For Retirement!
  • Lists were never part of my 25 year old life - my brain retained everything.  Everything I tell you!!   Today?  My brain still retains stuff like before, but the retrieval window is extremely short.
  • I can't abuse my body by eating crap appetizers only!  We serve dinner.  (Sigh, those were the good old days, when dips and chips were good enough!!) 
  • The cost of living is crazy more than almost 50 years ago.  Weekly food budget has increased from $20 to $120!!
  • Question of the Day:  When do I get to retire from cooking dinner!!!  My next life: Marry a chef, who wants me out of "his kitchen.".
  • Still taking lots of bathroom breaks - 72 years old, you know! 
  • I remember laughing at my mom who would schedule exactly one thing a day on her event calendar!  One thing!!!  I couldn't imagine why!   

I get it now, mom. 


Marie Smith said...

I can relate to the rest periods in the schedule. They are on my schedule too.

Lynn Proctor said...

Wow-- so clever- the lists of our lives!

Angela said...

Love these lists!!! Bathroom breaks ...a must for my list, every 30 min. :)

Anonymous said...

I solved the cooking dinner issue by saying that when my DH retired, we would share the cooking and household chores like we did before I quit working a decade ago. I still do more of the cooking, but he's getting good at making good food, and he washes the dishes better than I do.


Rasheed Hooda said...

Hi Elaine,

This put a smile on my face. Good thing you still have your sense of humor.

Remembering and retrieving, I can so relate to that. I tell people my photographic memory is grossly underexposed these days.

Anne Young said...

I like that you can recall a day from your 25 year old self. My grandmother believed, I thought, in one thing a day and I cite that to my children. My mother said to me, oh no she was always doing lots of things ... by things I mean if you are going to the theatre in the evening, you don’t try to have friends around for lunch ... so sometimes one might break it but it is a useful starting point to look at the diary and schedule only one thing a day and also schedule at least one thing a day to keep busy.