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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dungeons and Dragons Day

Saturday was a game day with friends. We meet with this particular group every month and it is a very long standing relationship of about 30+ years. We call it D&D for Dungeons and Dragons, because that is how it all began. When the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons came out, this group was formed. But it has evolved into a role playing game built on rules of various games. And the creative adventures are developed by my imaginative husband. In the picture is my character sheet and my dice as well as the current fiber project I work on during the game.

My son has been part of this game since he was 7. His girl friend plays too - and, of course, his dogs come. Meaty is pretty much bored by our game, and at one point while he was sitting by my sliding glass window, he rested his chin on the glass and began to snore. Too bad I can't put sound effects in this blog. It was too funny.

When he isn't sleeping propped up against the glass in the kitchen, he is sleeping on Milo's butt - the only thing Milo is good for (from Meathead's perspective) is a pillow. :-)

It is also interesting to see in the picture how much Milo has grown. He is now 31.5 pounds of pure muscle. The standard for his breed - the top weight - is 28 pounds. And let me tell you, when he is pulling on his leash, he can knock you down if you aren't being careful.

That night my daughter and I had 3 dogs overnight. The 5 of us slept crunched together on the pull out couch in the livingroom. We call these evenings "sleep overs" but that is a misnomer. Not much "actual sleep" occurs. Milo is very vigilant when sleeping with my daughter so any movement by the other 2 dogs, usually causes a bit of dog-swearing by Milo with growling and nipping. And then that night - the cats who didn't want to be outdone, knocked a folding chair down the basement steps. Milo and I both jumped out of bed for that. I knew immediately what it was, but I just wanted to be sure no cat was laying injured at the bottom of the stairs.

It was a "fun" Saturday.


  1. LOL it does sound like a fun Saturday!

  2. Chaos adds such spice to life, don't you think?!


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