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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Taking care of self? Why, yes! I am just fine.

So I went to my doctor yesterday. Just a simple visit to fix a minor problem (of 4 months duration, but who is counting).

He is a good guy. I usually prefer women physicians. But this doctor is someone I worked with years ago, I know his medical perspective (he is not an "over-tester or over-treater"), and he has taken care of my husband and my son for years (at my recommendation), and now my daughter (again, at my recommendation), and several of my friends. He is a good doctor!

He is also good at getting to the "meat-of-the-matter" medically. My minor problem was addressed promptly and an ointment prescription written, but he asked a few other pointed questions, and my few vague answers revealed some simple truths. This winter I was busy taking care of everyone else ... but me! Actually this isn't new behavior for me - most wives and mothers are guilty of this at some point in their lives.

For example: like many people of my age, I have a small problem with blood pressure. It really is a small problem, and I take a low dose diuretic to correct it. Except that all this winter, the pills I focused on were mom's. Oh, I would occasionally pop one of my diuretics and feel noble about it. But I definitely wasn't taking it as directed on the container. One day in January, when I was taking mom's blood pressure (her meds had changed and we were monitoring it), I checked my own! Oops! 140/90. I always run 120/70 or less. Well, I guess "always" is not totally accurate. So I took my meds for 3 days (3 days in a row rather than one day per week for 3 weeks - but you didn't hear that from me) and I rechecked my blood pressure - 110/75! Hmmm! Guess I still need that dag-gon pill after all! Darn! And I may have done some artful administration with my cholesterol meds as well.

And being a smart doctor who knows me, he asked more questions about why I fell off the pill wagon - "I've been busy" or maybe I said "Hospitals and Rehab facilities can make you crazy" or some version of the last two months of joy and frivolity - summing it up with "I am fine." He totally ignored my assessment. He asked me about my sleep habits. My response? "I sleep just fine" or maybe I said "I sleep some most nights" or some rendition of that theme. And he asked other such questions that I also answered skillfully or maybe it was partially (my selective memory protects me from remembering conversations with difficult questions to answer - or maybe it is difficult answers to easy questions). Whatever! *sigh*

So my carefully worded conversation with my doctor resulted in some blood tests to find out where I am health wise - (and objectively - since my assessment raised his eye brows). I guess he doesn't put much weight in my medical opinion - the one that says "I am just fine!!" :-)

For the record - I am just fine!

My husband smiles and is waiting for a more professional opinion! Whatever!!


  1. hahaha, you sound so like me. we could almost have the same doctor, too. my doc is threatening to skype my appointments :-)

  2. I am sure there are alot of people around just like me! And thanks for the confirmation of that! Medical resisters - UNITE!! :-)

    In fact, I think I will use a different approach when I see him again ... I'll ask him about HIS blood pressure - after I have raised it a few points! They say a good defense is a good offense!!

    I really just wanted ointment! LOL


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