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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Join the Bucket List Blogfest at MoWrites

A fellow blogger - and my son's girlfriend, is sponsoring a Bucket List Blogfest on her blog in honor of her March birthday. I have joined up and I want to encourage you to join as well.

Whenever I think of a "bucket list" I think of life activities or goals that are outside the normal scope of your everyday life. They are activities that might be small or enormous in scope, easy or hard to achieve, if money, time and life responsibilities were no barrier - you would do these activities before you kicked the bucket!! Since I am closer to kicking the bucket than my dear Mo, I think my list will be shorter. :-)

I think it would be fun to create such a list and see if any of the activities could be achieved. But even more fun would be to read the bucket lists of others. There could be a WOW factor - open up avenues you never dreamed of ... "What a great idea. I would like to do that too!!!"

So please join us in kicking the bucket ... aaa, wrong.

Please join us in the Bucket List Blogfest. Yes, that is better. See you there.

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