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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Milo and the stick!

Grandma, look at this great stick!

This is SOME stick!

This is probably the best stick I have ever seen!!

I LOVE this stick!!

Grandma, You know just how much I love sticks. And you are the best grandma ever!! If you let me have this stick, I promise I will never ask for another stick ... not ever!!

You love me, don't you? I can have this stick, right?

Of course, I might need to hide this from mom. You know how unreasonable she is about sticks.


  1. He is just adorable in his pretty sweater with his big stick!

  2. Oh how cute he is in that gorgeous sweater!
    I've seen quite a few dogs on walks carrying big sticks - usually labs.

  3. He's so stinking cute. And I'm completely impartial!!!!


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