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Monday, February 28, 2011

February be-gone!

Good bye February. It was a month marked by big, big improvements for me - but I am very glad to see it gone!

  • February was a hugh de-clutter month. Need to do more - as much as we got rid of - there is hardly a dent.
  • February was a hugh improvement in my walking. I went from walking 14 miles total in January to 31 miles total in February. Most of that was done to get rid of my mentally down state - but whatever the impetus, the jump in miles was big. And the jump in my energy levels because of the walking was also big.
  • February marked my mom's 85th birthday - and marked her return to normal health (normal for her, at least).
  • February was a hugh weather improvement month over last February. Anyone in the mid-atlantic region of the US would agree with that. Last February we counted our snow totals in feet. This February ... inches!
  • February produced the most knitting and weaving I have done in almost 12 months. Granted, I had to keep focused, but it gave me the small positive feedback that I needed periodically.
  • And finally ... February marked the start of my digging out from my mental funk, my adjustment to loss ... I have a long way to go, but big improvements. Thank God I have not lost my desire to fight back, to make my life better and to move forward!
I am grateful to February. But glad it is over.

Who knows! Welcome March.

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  1. YEA March! I am going to try and get walking added in to my day - I NEED it! You are inspiring me to stop dragging my feet on that one.


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