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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mom Nature,

We have talked before ... you and I.

Last year we had a serious talk in March about your winter performance.  It was dismal.

As a big fan of winter, I felt absolutely compelled last year to point out your deficiencies with regards to  snow falls.  And here we are again, having the same talk this year.

Surely you don't think the snow I woke to this morning was adequate!
Is one inch really the best that you can do?

Are you becoming just a bit lazy in doing your winter duties?

So it is only mid-January.  You still have plenty of time to correct this situation ... but I will be watching, and if things don't improve in the next month or so ... well ... don't make me go there!!

Get crack'en!  Drop a foot or two of the snowy goodness around here ... and I will get off your back!

Retired Knitter

PS - uhh ... don't drop that foot of snow this weekend ... I am going to the beach for a craft weekend with my cousin and friends. Any time after Monday will be just fine.

PPS - no Internet connection where I am going - so I'll be back early next week - with pictures of my fun weekend - unless Mother Nature decides to be ornery.


  1. It might be coming your way . . . Mother Nature must have been listening to me . . . Winter Wonderand and more . . . four days of white, light, magical fluff . . . I would say at least 15-20 . . .

  2. I just hope when she dumps that load of snow that she has your address right....I wouldn't want her to leave it here by mistake lol.

  3. On your next talk with Ms. Nature, please ask for weekday snowstorms for me too, not weekends. Since I work, all I have are the weekends to get my errands done. I wouldn't mind a day off from work either. I'm hoping to make it to Jiffy Lube this weekend. Silly weather forecasters say some flakes expected Friday afternoon - let's hope they're wrong, AGAIN. Enjoy your weekend at the beach, it's lovely there in the winter too!

  4. I'm with Delores -- make sure your address is clearly typed out for Mother Nature to read when your beloved snow is delivered.

  5. Retired Knitter - Come and live in the UK: When we have 1" of snow we panic and begin to declare a national emergency! Love the eclec..ecletics...eclecticism (is there such a word?) of your blog. I found you via Vicki's blog party and would love to follow you.

  6. Hahahaha, I was accused of being the one asking for the snow, too perfect! I really enjoy your blog and I've nominated you for a Liebster blog award. You can find the details in a post on my blog. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Hi Elaine, I like how you order your snow. Mother Nature must like me because she's dropped by so many times this winter, even uninvited. I wish that she would go visit somewhere else for a change, lol...

    I've read some of your older post and I love your sense of humour. Your weaving looks like something that my daughter makes. She sells a lots of her scarves and she teaches weaving at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. She also spins and dye her own wool.

    I came here from The GYB party.
    I'm a mother of 4 grown children, grandmother of soon to be 7 grandchildren.
    In February, I'll be married for 47 years. I started working on our dairy farm doing some cleaning and painting and soon I was employed full time caring for the calves portion of it. I also do office work for our company and housework, yard work.
    Prior to working on the farm, I owned my own Ceramic teaching studio for 10 years and then expanded my business to wholesaling greenware and bisque to ceramic studios and retail supplies for another 10 years and closed my shop to set out on a spiritual journey.
    I'm a breast cancer survivor going on 10 years.

    I have many interest and not enough time to pursue it all. I love my family, gardening, rug hooking, reading, cooking, photography ( just learning to use my Canon camera) reading, knitting, crocheting, hand quilting applique quilts, music, singing, blogging, good food and good friends.
    I hope that you come visit and join my followers.

    Have a fun and safe weekend

  8. Oh Jeez, you are asking for it, taunting Mom nature about the snow!

  9. We don't get very much snow where I live; maybe just a dusting a few times during the season. But it is beautiful! And I'm not too far away from Tahoe if I want to experience more of it!


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