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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tomorrow - A drawing, A new start

So February 1 is a busy day.

Yes, I am having a drawing for a hand woven scarf tomorrow.  For more information check here.  It is still not too late to leave a comment and be included in the drawing.  Just get your comment in before midnight - Eastern Standard Time.

Friday, February 1, is also the day I am returning to Weight Watchers, and walking, and stretching.   Lighter, more energetic and less like as a brittle, aged pretzel is what I aiming for.  Again!

I am the Queen of "Going Back, Starting Over Again!"

But, you know, I am OK with that.  The real failure in life is not trying, not doing something that is worthwhile ... just giving up. Yep, that is the real failure.

November, December and January have been very busy months in our house.  Holiday activities and new family adjustments have been my excuses so far.  Now faced with February - and no barriers (unless I make something up), it seems time to begin.

So we start again!

And actually, "starting again" on February 1st rather than January 1 is perfect!  Woo Hoo!!  Who starts stuff on February 1st?  Pretty much no one - so I have no competition!

How are your January 1 resolutions going?  Do you need to start again February 1st?

Who is joining me!!!!!!

Woo Hoo


  1. I'll be with you in spirit lol.

    1. You never know ... maybe I will be with me in spirit as well, LOL It is so hard to get started.

  2. Good morning! Thanks for stopping by my post.
    You know I never makes resolutions maybe because it would probably be wasting my! I know myself well and if there is something I HAVE to do, I will do it....most of the time!
    Good luck with your drawing tomorrow. I had a give-away last year and had a lot of fun doing it. I had Sophie my dog pick the winner!!
    Have a great day and you have reminded me to finish off my knitting project....a round throw made in 6 sections!! I must be nuts!!

  3. I don't do New Year's resolutions, ever. I heard somewhere that 95% of NY's resolutions don't happen. Those aren't great odds.
    Starting over in Feb. sounds perfectly wonderful to me, I'm in.

    1. Yes, I have given up resolutions, goals etc. for New Years! I purposely avoided January 1st.

  4. Best of luck on starting over again! I should join you.... I worked for WW for years! I did go to one meeting a few months back, but that particular leader didn't inspire me and I didn't go back! I should try a different meeting day and see if another leader is a better fit.
    I am visualizing that lovely scarf over my black jacket! It is a gorgeous scarf! Thanks so much for a chance to win it. It's been fun checking out your posts!

  5. I came across your blog via Terry whose giveaway you won. I was intrigued by your blog title. In June, I am retiring after 32 years of teaching and I am totally looking forward to the next 30 years. My husband reinvented himself - from business executive to professional artist - so I know I can do it too.

    I like your comment about getting back to WW. So many people just stop once they fall off the diet. We have to cut ourselves some slack. If we break it for a day, a week, a month, it doesn't mean we can't get right back to our best regimen.

    I have done 3 mini triathlons ( 1/4 mile swim, 15 mile bike and 4 mile run) and in the last one, I came in very LAST. But, I didn't let it bother me. I told myself I came in ahead of everyone who was sitting home watching television and not getting any exercise.

    Good luck with your new February regimen. I started today saying I was going back to my "no bread" diet.

    1. Hey, thanks for letting me know I was the winner on Terry's blog. I have been slow in checking my blog email and was very surprised to hear through you that I won something. I have contacted her already. What a lovely surprise.

      Retirement is pretty much all about re-inventing yourself. Most people plan what they will do - who that new person will be. And then there is me who got to discover through a whole lot of work and responsibility with my mom ... what my retirement would look like - nothing like I expected, that is for sure. Life is not always simple and it can't always be planned. Good luck with your new stage of life. For the most part it is satisfying. And I am grateful to have lived long enough to experience retirement.


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