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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Year Looks Different

Day 2 of 2013!

Already the New Year looks very different.

Over the holiday period my son and daughter-in-law moved temporarily into our home.  2013 is the year that they prepare their townhouse for sale, sell it, buy a new place closer to work and move again.

But for the near future, my home has once again expanded to shelter family.  And this time the  "family" included my two grand dogs.

In fact, as I sit here on my couch at 6:30 am typing away, my two dear boys are sacked out on either side of me snoring away.  That is their usual schedule on a work day: get up, walk with Papa, get fed by MoMo, and go back to sleep.  The only difference for them is that now they have a grandma nearby every single day to give them lovies and walks.

Oh the difficult life they lead!!  :-)

Of course, it helps that the dogs are here and won't be underfoot while their former home is spruced up for sale and shown.

So the New Year is different with many changes expected in the future.

I welcome it all.  I am enjoying every moment of it as I sit here on Day 2 of 2013.

PS - I love having family under my roof.  I love the feeling of a filled house.  I know this situation is temporary.  All the family move-ins over the last 10 years have been temporary - as they should be.  But I have loved them all.  One day it will be our turn, and my husband and I will move into less space.  We won't have the luxury of opening our doors this way ... but for now, it is grand!


  1. Alrighty girlfriend - you are loaded in for my Grow Your Blog party - latest updates are on my blog -- see you on the 19th

  2. Sounds cozy! I just bet Grimmy feels like he is finally where he should be!

  3. Lots of truth to the saying "Home is where the heart is", you give your home and family a lot of heart, it doesn't get any better than that. Great to have the dogs for walking buddies too (isn't it?).


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