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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Beach and The Snow

Last weekend I was at the beach!

I love the beach.

I love my cousin.

I love snow.

It was a win-win weekend for me!

My cousin is part owner of a lovely condo right on the beach.  
This was a regularly scheduled craft weekend and it was just perfect.
These pictures were taken from the balcony.  
We are close to the ocean.

Although I love the beach in any season, my least favorite season for beach visits is the summer.  See I am a selfish beach bunny.  I want to look out on the beach and see no one!  Just the sand, and the water ... that is it.  And if you go in January, snow is also welcome.

The next day the snow was gone and we were left with a beautiful scene.

And as the moon began to rise, we tried to get pictures.  

I say "try".
  Because as much as I tried, I couldn't get a picture without the rays off the moon.

No matter.  The view was beautiful.

Tomorrow ... the results of 2 days of uninterrupted craft time.

Pictures of the hand woven scarf for the give away - also included.
Be sure to comment on my blog sometime between January 18 and 31 
to be entered into a drawing to win it.

Details found here.


  1. I prefer to stay away from the beach in the summer for the same reason.

  2. I would have to say that I love the beach any time of the year. Good Photos!

  3. Love the moon shot. But....winter on the beach....brrrrrrrr.

  4. I really like the rays off the moon! I love the beach, too, especially riding my horse on it! But I am on the left coast. :-)

  5. I also love the beach and stay away from crowds. My brother has a camper set up at the beach each summer and it's a nice peaceful place to visit. I love the salty air and the sounds of the waves on the shore. It's a great place to relax.

  6. Beautiful sights. I like the distant moon with someone, (you?) on the deck. And the moon shot with rays, I vote a yay for it too. The quiet, less people . . . perfect! Happy crafting!

  7. Oh, the best time to walk the beach is in the winter when there's no one there-beautiful!

  8. The snowy beach pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!

  9. Great spot for a craft weekend! Gorgeous with the snow!


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