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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grandma is so ...

... Grand!!

She adores us!  

So a little introduction.

From left to right, 

I am Meathead, the English BullDog.  I am the senior member of this family even though Grimace is a year older than me.  You see I was here first as a puppy.  Grimace was rescued at the age of 3 - so I have seniority.  I am 10 years old.  I am magnificent!

Next in the center is Milo, the French Bull Dog.  He belongs to my Aunt Kris and he is 2 - a young, energetic, egotistic,  pushy, overly alert, and exceedingly cute dog.  The last quality saves his butt more times than you could imagine.  We remind him frequently when he is being a "yo-yo brain" (something that happens frequently), that his mom was shopping for a blond female French Bull Dog when she got him!  Blond!  Female! How she got side tracked by a brown male (even if he has melty bedroom eyes), we will never know!

Lastly on the right is Grimace, the Pug, who is my adopted brother and a pretty good friend to everyone.  He is 11 years old.  But he loves Grandma with an intensity that would be considered stalking in the human world!  

Anyway,  here are The liver cookies our Grandmother bakes for us every Christmas.  They are cut in the shapes of hearts and bones. And she doubles the quantity of liver listed in the recipe.  She knows her boys!!

Shapes are very important. 


Making these cookies in simple circles is a bad idea.  When Grandma made these last year they were in circles.  They were cooling on the kitchen counter ... she was busy in the living room.  Then Grandpa came into the living room chewing and chewing away, asking ... "These aren't chocolate chip cookies, are they!"


Since we don't like sharing our liver cookies, (and Grandpa doesn't like liver), the shapes save our treats for us.

New followers ... Welcome to Grandma's blog.

An introduction to Grandma can be found here.  Information on Grandma's first Give-Away (it isn't liver cookies), can be found here.



  1. So very pleased to meet you Meathead. Your Grandma is VERY smart to make your treats in special shapes.

  2. A cute bunch of pups, you are! And it is a good thing your Gram makes sure your treats are just the right shape so no one sneaks off with them. :)

  3. awww.....just "awww!" everything about this post is so heartwarming! So glad I found you!

  4. Meathead, my Dozer and Jackson would greatly appreciate a liver cookie giveaway!

  5. Meathead, I like your sense of humor, especially when describing your buddies.

  6. Cute puppies... I am your newest follower

  7. They're great pups! Handmade dog biscuits- wow!

  8. It is so nice to meet you. Your bull dogs are so cute! I'm still making my way through visiting everyone from Vicki's Grow Your Blog party. I hope you will stop by to say hello.

  9. Always happy to hear from Meathead!

  10. Love this story. Poor Grandpa. lol

  11. I like your dogs - especially Grimace - I would love to have a dog named Grimace - funny! Betty

  12. your pups are darling -- and so lucky to have you to bake double liver treats.

  13. Oh my goodness...the idea of accidentally chewing on a liver cookie!!!

    They are all adorable :)

  14. That would be quite a surprise if you were expecting chocolate chips....


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