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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Getting Campy with Family

My son and his wife have a "weekend place" that they use for fun, friendship, relaxation, and a sanity refresher!

Hard to believe that I waited almost 3 years before taking advantage of a "sanity refresher," but that is exactly what happened.  Believe me when I say that my sanity has been sorely tested over the last 3 years.  It is a testament to my extremely hard head and stubbornness, that I am reasonably sane today (of course, it depends on who you talk to.)

This past Sunday we visited the Dennis Point Camp Grounds in St. Mary's County, Maryland.

Here is a photo journal of our visit ...

Arriving at the camp grounds the first thing we saw was this Pirate Ship.
The kids must love this. In fact, I plan to climb around in it
my next visit. :-)

The street names are themed: like Rockfish Lane and Oyster Lane.
My son and daughter-in-law are on Saltwater Lane..
Arriving at the Shanks camp ground site.
Meathead welcoming us to his "other" home.
What he is really thinking is,
"Gram, you are taking me home, right?"
Much of our day was spent just "hanging out" on the front porch deck.
(with a glass of wine in our hands)
It is really lovely wooded area with many beautiful views.
The area is well kept: pleasant and inviting.
My son says the new owners have made many improvements.

Bird house and water decorations in his front yard.
The birds were busy there all day.
Of course the most interesting thing is the way the camper
living space is organized.  Left: couch covered for the dogs .
Center: dining area.  Right: part of kitchen.
Couch and dining area convert to sleeping spaces.
Kitchen and entrance to the camper.
Another shot of the kitchen.  To the right is the fridge and the freezer.
Bedroom with a queen size bed - and me in the mirror taking
the picture.
I am a novice to campers. I have never been inside one before, so I was very curious and surprised about how well the space is used.  Matt and Mo's camper is 33 feet long.  Although looking from the outside the structure looks adequate, from the inside it is amazing how much space and storage is available.

Not shown: The shower, toilet and bathroom sink are located between the bedroom and kitchen areas.

We had a cook out! My son did the honors.
I have no idea where he learned to do that.
We never cooked out at home. My husband wasn't interested
and I didn't want to inside and outside cooking duties.
Time spent with family and friends is priceless.
Matt is opening a bottle of champagne.  Notice the way everyone is
standing back - those corks can be lethal.
Sadly, the day came to an end and we headed home.
But next time, we will stay for an overnight!
Refreshing sanity needs more than one day.
United States Marine Corp Flag.

Oh yes, we will be back.


  1. Lovely photos . What a fubn time

  2. we have one of those. A caravan away from home that is permanently sited there. We love running away from the world and staying there, although it is winter at present so not much time there, but when we do go there is nothing to do but sit and veg and enjoy great family time, the kids love it

  3. What fun, liked best the relaxing time outdoors with a glass of wine in hand!

    1. Everything is better with a glass of wine in hand!!! :-)

  4. that looks like so much fun

    1. You know, it really was. I am not much of a camper, but it is because I am not much into tents! But this kind of structure - with a bed, running water and TV - yes, I found it great fun. (It even has heat and air conditioning!!)


  5. Looks like a wonderful place to relax and get a way for a fun time.
    Their trailer is really nice and looks much bigger than ours.

  6. What an wonderful relaxing getaway!...:)JP

  7. What a wonderful relaxing wonder your sanity returned!!!!...:)JP

  8. What a great place! Wish we all could go there!

  9. What a vision of serenity. A positive time out and more to come, no doubt about that! :)

  10. you're wondering now why it took you so long...looks fun!
    I am a backpacker so that is luxurious to me!

  11. What fun? I'm sure you have seen our little camper we just redid. What a great way to relax and connect with nature. Wine in hand is a must!


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