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Friday, June 1, 2012

And the winner is ....

Number 36!!!
Take a peek at this!
Back in April I entered a blog contest on the blog 2 Bags Full. I have been a follower Vicki's blog for some time, and I am huge fan of her creative work.

Beautiful detailing.

If you haven't clicked on the 2 Bags Full link in the previous sentence,

Go back!
Click the link! 

Do it now!  
Because if you don't, you won't understand just how incredible my being #36 was.

I'll wait!!

Ok, now for the rest of the story.  Vicki is an amazing fiber artist and all you needed to do to enter her contest was leave a comment on her April 15th post.  I thought ... what the heck, I never win anything, but it was an opportunity to tell her how much I love her work.

 I was comment #36.

Eggs in a beautiful green feathery bed.
Retired Knitter said...

I have no hopes of winning this beautiful nest, because I never win anything !! My mom is the "lucky" person in our family who seems to win stuff no matter how many there are in the contest. LOL

BUT, I want you to know that I so so so admire your talent and your eye for color. It is a gift. I am just happy to see these on your web site. That and your wonderful travel pictures.
MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2012 

Now here is the unbelievable part.  Several days ago I opened up my email ... and this message was waiting for me from Vicki at 2 Bags Full.  (one more chance to click that link for those who are seriously stubborn! ... not that any of my dear followers are stubborn.)

Well girlfriend --- guess what? You are the winner of the nest!!! Miss Maddy girl drew your number right out of the basket and when I went to see who was the owner of # 36 -- I laughed out loud when I read your comment. So- you cant say you aren't a winner anymore -- because you WON this one! 

Will you please send me a private email with your mailing address? My email is on the sidebar of my blog. Thank you for being such a wonderful supporter of both me and my blog. I love you~


As fast as my fingers would type - I sent her my address!

The package came Thursday, beautifully wrapped in tissue imprinted with nests and a lovely note!

And here my beautiful nest sits on my kitchen table where she will live.

And here she sits on my deck where the light is better.

I am still in total awe that I won this beautiful fiber nest. 
Even the bottom is beautiful - knitted it appears.

Thank you so much Vicki and Miss Maddy
 (that enormously talented ticket-picking little lady)
 who selected my new FAVORITE NUMBER

PS - I named this nest Isabella!  Doesn't she look just like an Isabella ... all soft and colorful and textured and fancy.  Yes, Isabella is the perfect name!


  1. You are one lucky duck. Miss Vicki's nests are gorgeous. I have admired them from afar for quite some time.

  2. Lucky you . . . Wow, what a talent!

  3. Congratulations! Aren't you the lucky one. The nest is beautiful.

  4. Wonderful! So glad you won such a beautiful piece.

  5. Elaine-- oh my-- Isabella looks very happy in your home!! I'm so glad that she is with someone who truly loves her! Your photos are just wonderful-- thank you for sharing this precious little story with your friends. Miss Maddy girl did a great job in picking the winner!!

  6. Congrats! It's beautiful :)


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