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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Haunted Coffee Pot

We are coffee drinkers.

We drink a lot of it.

Over 40+ years we have had many different coffee makers: expensive, inexpensive, simple, complex, single function, multi-function, white, black, big, small ... eventually they all fail ... usually in about a year or two.

We now buy the cheapest and simplest drip coffee maker we can find.  They all last about the same and the coffee quality is more impacted by the beans and the grind than the brewer.

This week it was time once again to buy a new coffee maker, because our old one failed.  But the "fail" was extraordinary and totally unexplainable.

The old coffee maker was creating too much coffee.  

Yes,  too much coffee.

I would fill the water well to the 12 cup mark, and the brewer would make as much as 14 cups, spilling coffee over the top of the carafe, all over the counter and onto the floor.  Now this didn't happen every time, but often enough for you to forget to watch the pot to avert the disaster.

I know what you are thinking ... it must be holding water from previous brewings somewhere in the mechanism and at some unpredictable point it would use up all that extra water.  But no!

Our 12 cup carafe never showed up short of coffee at any previous point.   Setting aside the fact that the coffee maker was small and had no physical space big enough to hold 2 extra large size mugs of water - there is no way to make 14 cups of coffee from 12 cups of water.

The pot had to go.

My husband says the pot was haunted.

I say the pot is history!!!

Its replacement is working logically.

So what do you think!
Was the coffee pot haunted
 or just an over-achiever?


  1. Haunted . . . reminding you to drink more coffee and never sleep . . .

  2. I've had that happen too in several of our machines. Something to ask the manufacturer I guess...but not as much fun as thinking the machine is haunted.

  3. My husband says it was possessed!

  4. Perhaps there is a coffee ghost?
    I don't drink coffee so that's my best guess...but I love how coffee smells :)

  5. Did you measure the liquid going in with the same measure as the coffee coming out? I suggest not. The measure inside the pot would have said twelve cups.
    Huh! I just found a flaw in my thinking. The coffee-pot overflowed. It should have realized it's own capacity. Your problem is a mind-tickler.


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