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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Love a good storm

I love a good storm.
  I love the reminder that I reside on a living planet 
that takes no notion of me personally - or any other living thing. 
It just plows through whatever is in the way and moves on.

And that is what happened last Friday.  It was a bugger of a storm!  Ten tornadoes were reported in the state.  Some of the damage in my neighborhood made we wonder if we had some tornado type wind motion.

So here is my deck normally!
Here is my deck just moments after the raging wind and rain
obscured the deck posts and trees from view.
Nuts!  I missed that shot.
(I was running around trying to find my darn camera.)
 Boy, it was exciting.
Wind was reported at 60 miles per hour.

Of course, I had to step outside and take pictures.
The side walk was like a mini river.
The run off was pretty impressive.  By the time I stepped from
under my front porch some of the street was showing.
But from my living room window,
the road was mostly covered by dirt filled water
racing down the street.
I missed that darn shot too.

Our neighbor's yard was totally covered by tree branches and leaves.
Emergency vehicles arrived before I even got out my door.
Two large trees covered the road.
The men worked very quickly and before you knew it,
they were back on the truck and on their way to another downed tree.
There were a bunch.

A day later I noticed trees that were stripped of their branches.

Or ripped out by the roots.

Trunk but no limbs.  Strange.
One of our neighbors had lost their chimney!

It will be weeks before it is all cleaned up in our neighborhood.  At least no one was hurt in that stormy weather.  And it was great fun to watch nature get all worked up and do her thing!

I sure do love a storm. 
But I have to be more camera ready next time!!


  1. Considering it's June it should at least be warm with a modicum of sun, here in the UK. However, apart from a 10-day heatwave, June is turning into a parody of the rain and low temps. we experienced (also unseasonally)in May.

    Sitting in the conservatory (sun-room), my favourite place in the house, I can watch the garden and the weather. Yesterday, a light pitter-patter on the glass roof heralded a shower. It didn't last long before it sounded like I had a team of drummers trying to out-do each other on the roof! As I looked out the windows,, beyond the blur of the rain I could see the shrubs and trees being swished back and forth by the wind and wondered how many of my newly planted flowers would survive!
    Then came the hail - if the rain sounded like a bunch of frenetic percussionists then this was like a troop of soldiers with machine guns!

    Then - just as suddenly as if someone had hit a celestial 'mute' button it all ceased.

    Outside a layer of white hailstones had turned everything into a brief scene of winterland. Here and there a timid bird tweeted, as if to say 'Is it all over, yet?'

    Once again, I was reminded that we are powerless to stand in the way of nature!

    On another note - how's your knitting going?

    1. ahh, my knitting. You must have been peaking in my windows, because I was taking pictures of my knitting just last night to post - it coming. Thank you for asking!!

  2. certainly looks like tornado damage doesn't it? There was a big cell that moved through Ontario yesterday but the worse we got was heavy rain and hail. Of course, guess who was out driving in the freakin' hail?

    1. The same thought crossed my mind. What kind of storm leaves the trunk and strips the tree of its limbs. That used to be a beautiful evergreen. All those trees picture were relatively near each other. Something odd happened there.

      I got to get me one of those big rain coats so I can be outside with a water proof camera next time. :-)

  3. You like a good storm but.......ahhhh...that was a doozie! Happy you were safe and no bid damage!

  4. Looks like some kind of tornado went through . . . some great pictures . . . enjoyed your bit of levity . . .

  5. It was a fast storm as well - the intensity was amazing but within about 10 minutes it was clearing up - it was like we just bumped against some thing really big!

  6. There have been some incredible storms lately: wind, rain, flooding, hail.

    Are locusts far behind? :-) (Actually, that's not funny...)


  7. It IS summer, isn't it? I only ask because it's so cold - and wet - and windy - and miserable. However, the birds are busy feeding their demanding young, the newts are swimming, the lilies are flowering along with the roses, the jasmine, the honeysuckle and every other thing desired and undesired. When the sun shines, as it does occasionally, it LOOKS like summer . . .

  8. Yes, that was quite a storm. I was out driving home in part of that!!!


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