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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Knitted Tepee

I can't believe that I didn't include this picture with my Mannings Post.

Part of the fun of attending these events is seeing some of the unusual things and people.

This tepee most certainly caught my eye.

Yes, this is a knitted tepee!

Actually, the tepee is made of traditional tepee materials (I checked!)  But as I got closer I noticed that layered on top were these crocheted and knitted blankets.

Very ingenious.

And I wanted to include this very interesting lady.  I love "people watching" and at events like this, people watching is one of the sidelines.  I loved the chair and the hat and the glasses!

Another person had a cup holder for her spinning wheel.  Too funny.


  1. Oh my never seen anything like this. I love the tepee

  2. The teepee is gorgeous.

  3. Who would think . . . amazing, hours of design, knit, crochet . . . quite the site to see. (I wouldn't want this artistry to get wet with rain or damaged by wind, etc.)

  4. That's the greatest thing about meeting new people and getting out in the world! People are so clever and creative, you just want to be friends with everyone... thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow that knitted tepee is amazing. I would never have thought that was possible.

  6. What a wonderful day it was! How did I miss this!!!!!

  7. Cool Teepee! I would like to do something like that for my spinning wheel, but I don't think I'd be able to, my wheel doesn't have too many places to put the holder. Meh, I can just set it nearby, right? ;)



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