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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Words of June (literally)



I didn't see you there.

How nice you stopped by here.  But I am sure you are not looking for me.  Maybe my brother July, or my cousin, January.  I am just little old June - and hardly anyone ever looks for me.  January, June and July, we all begin with J, but the family similarity stops there.

July is so much flashier than me with his Fireworks and picnics and cook outs, and January gets his kicks by delivering big snow and ice storms, and loves to shut everything down. He gets a real chuckle out of that, I can tell you!  But some people really like that kind of weather.

You see, I got short changed in the "attraction" department.  My mom, November, has the biggest eating and family holiday of the year.   My Da, March, likes to keep everyone guessing with every kind of bazaar weather you can imagine.  And who can compete with my Grand-da, December, who has both Christmas and New Year's Eve!!

So if you are looking for any of them, you are in the wrong place.  Nothing much happens here with June.

Oh wait!

I know young couples in love like to pick June for a wedding.
June Brides, I believe.
That is pretty special with romantic feelings and sweet declarations.
I forgot about that.

Silly me,

I also forgot that I am the first month of summer 
- not too hot or rainy or cold or windy - 
just right, I guess.
I tell January all the time that he just isn't as well loved as the warmer months.
He doesn't seem to care!
Go figure!


There is also Flag Day on June 14th, and Father's Day on the third Sunday.
  Wait until I tell Da that I have Father's Day, 
and he doesn't!!!

(Slaps hand to forehead!!)

How could I miss that June holds "National Knit In Public Day."
This year it is June 9th.
 You know those knitters! 
I would be in a mess of trouble if I forgot them.

Holy Moly!  

I almost forgot the biggest June event of all. 
Retired Knitter would never forgive me!  
Her beautiful daughter was born in June!
June 23rd.
Retired Knitter tells me all the time that
 she has the prettiest and smartest daughter in all the world.

I know now you came here looking for June!
And you found me!
I am pretty special, you know. 

What can I do for you!!

Note:  This post is offered as a submission for the Words of June contest initiated by The Feathered Nest.
Please be sure to stop by and visit with my blog friend there.  


  1. That was sooo good!!!!! June should really appreciate that tribute. first entry.

    1. So I have already edited this piece because I found two typos. Drives me crazy. No matter how many time I read and check it, stuff slips through the cracks.

  2. Very, very creative . . . I celebrate June too . . . I know her personally!

  3. That was really good! It makes me think that June may just be my favorite month! : )

  4. This is cute. Congratulations! I love "June's" perspective


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