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Monday, June 4, 2012

Move My Feet Campaign - Update

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Since reviewing my new Striiv Pedometer and starting the Move My Feet Campaign - I've confirmed a few things about my "walking-self" since I started this campaign.

I don't do mornings!

How I wish I was a morning walker!  My friend Happy One at the Life is Good Blog walks every morning right after she gets up.  It is cooler and quieter, the sun rises are beautiful, and distractions are minimal.  But my body isn't cooperative in the morning.  It needs time to oil up all its parts with coffee.  And my mind isn't firing on all cylinders until after caffeine and food!  Finding my way home might be hard if I skip the caffeine and food step.  Afternoons and early evenings are my "get moving time".

My body is schizoid about moving!

The conversation goes something like this:

Body:  This couch feels good.  There's knitting, reading, TV, lap top, and my grand-dog here.

Mind:  Your Striiv step number is low.  Get up and move. 

Body:  But, my eyes are a bit heavy, so just a short rest before  ....

Mind:  No!! It is 11:00 am after a full night's rest. Get walking.

Body:  But I this joint has been ....

Mind:  Up!! Up!!  You will feel better moving that joint.  
Do not embarrass me.

Body:  But, but ...

About 2 minutes into the walk ....

Body:  Hey, this feels good.

Mind:  Of course it does. Hey ... Watch the cars!

Body:  No, really, I could walk for an hour - no problem.

Mind:  I told you so.  Now stop for a moment and start a Striiv Competition.

Body: Heck, no. I don't want to stop.  I can do two things at once. No problem.
(legs keep walking)

Mind:  No, you can't.  Stop for just a moment.  
You are missing out on energy credits for your game!!

Body:  Really, I can multi-task. Just let me get the pedometer ... out ... of ... my ....
(hand gropes in pocket for the pedometer)

Mind: HOLY CRAP!  Look out!  Watch the curb!  Yikes!! Car on your left! 
Stop!  Stop!

Body:  No, No.  I can do this.  
Besides, that guy in the car has brakes.  He can use them!! 
(twitchy finger contemplates an ugly gesture at the driver)

Mind:  But, but ...

And so on!  The voices in my head keep me pretty occupied most of the day!  :-)

10,000 steps

My goal: 10,000 steps daily.  But I changed it to an average of 10,000 steps a day.  Many days I make the 10,000 mark with little effort - count in an hour of walking, 2 or 3 dog walks, plus my normal steps and shopping steps.  But the Striiv Competitions can easily push me up to around 13,000 steps on some days.  I love those competitions.

On other days I spend hours in the car or sitting at doctor appointments or mom visits - and getting to 9,000 steps is an effort.

So making the goal an average of 10,000 steps a day makes more sense.

Right now my average is running in the 8,800s.  But it creeps up every day.

I have more energy.

It has only been a few weeks but I can tell I have more energy.  It is amazing to me that you get more energy when you expend energy.  Yes, in the evenings I am tired, but that is good - I am sleeping better as well.

I love my Striiv.

My Land, the Striiv game on the pedometer, doesn't look as good as this yet, but it will. It all depends on me to make it so with movement.  But I'll get there because I love this little Striiv pedometer.


So all in all, I think I have made a successful start to walking regularly.  The real challenge seems to be:

  • to keep focused, to not get thrown off by life's distractions, and
  • to keep the voices in my head to a low roar!  :-)


  1. What a neat device! Just looked it up on line - good for you, finding something that gets you moving. Hmmmm, wonder if it would work for me.

  2. Good for you. You are doing something good for yourself.

  3. Not important when you walk just that you do. Glad to are back to it. : )

  4. Guess I will go for my walk!

  5. I have a pedo to help with weight watchers, when I remember to wear it I can get to 10,000 but I have to work hard as I sit at a desk!


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