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Thursday, July 26, 2012

God as a Neighbor

My daughter moved into her first condo - first purchase of property.
The end of June I spent the weekend with her - cleaning, unpacking, getting settled.
And, of course, I was checking out my daughter's neighborhood ...
the place were she will live and walk her dog.  
The place where I want her to be safe.

I am happy to report, she picked very well.
My daughter now lives in the best neighborhood.
Her neighbor is God.

The National Cathedral
Seriously, I am not kidding.
This is the view out her living room and bedroom windows.
See - right between Milo's ears?

Even at night, the view is beautiful.

And the rest of the neighborhood is just as great!

Yes, there is an apartment development with my name on it!!
Apartments with style abound.
The neighborhoods behind her building are residential and beautiful.
After years of moving all over the area,
 I think my daughter (and Milo) have finally settled in a great place.
A beautiful area.


  1. That helps moms and dads feel much better . . .

  2. It certainly looks like a beautiful and peaceful place. Good choice.

  3. Wow looks like a great place to live. I wish your daughter much happiness in her new home!!


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