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Friday, July 6, 2012

A Pause - brought to you by Mother Nature

Ok, that storm a week ago was note worthy.

Photo from Wikipedia
Called a Derecho, this weather front is what brought our region to its knees more effectively than any hurricane.  As of this writing, there are still people across our area without power.  Thankfully, our power returned earlier in the week.  But storm recovery isn't all about the return of power.  Some unlucky folks had severe house damage, large downed trees and smashed cars.

We were lucky.  We only needed to clean up the refrigerator and the freezers.  But this event did give pause to think:

  • I was raised without air conditioning.  Apparently I can't live without it now.  Crazy!
  • I had way too much food in the house for 2 people.  What gives with that?  
  • I am totally disgusted with human nature.  It was reported by the news that although most people welcomed the electric crews into their neighborhoods, some crews had fireworks thrown at them while they tried to make repairs.  We need to weed out these defective humans now before they reproduce and create others of their kind.  These defectives need to be isolated on an island in the equator with no electric!!  Or better yet, tie those thoughtless individuals up on the top of a power line in 100+ degree heat for 12 hours ... and see how it feels to do that kind of work.
  • I love big weather events.  A Derecho isn't one of them.
Next time: local pictures


  1. Sorry the storm brought such problems. These things are quite common here , so we just bear them. We had a little rain and our electricity went ff for the whole day.

    I feel the same about pets. Sorry about your dog

  2. Let's hope it was a "one of".

  3. I'm with you on "needing" air conditioning now. I blogged about that yesterday. And on human nature....grrrrr! I'm not a violent person but when I hear of things like this, I'd like to send people to another planet in the the path of a large asteroid.

  4. Wind can be such a pain at times. In our part of Canada, we're stuck with a lot of hot air, and no wind. The air conditioning works, but there is so much heat, the ac doesn't accomplish much.

    I know that when you're hot, you're hot. I hope you can also be cool during the hot and windy.


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