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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thank You Feathered Nest

During my hiatus I miss out on a very important "Thank You!"

I won my second (ever) contest just this month!

I saw this writing challenge on The Feathered Nest Blog - write a few words about the month of June.  And I entered this contest with this entry here.

I entered not because I am the greatest writer, or because I had a creative idea for the challenge.  Nope!  My reasons were greed.   I wanted this charming green dish.

The moment I saw it I thought, "Yep, that dish would look great in my house."  And it does.

I am a big fan of green. And I love all the decorate holes in this piece.

And there was this very cute pencil box and paper.  Really, this picture does not do these 3 pieces justice.

And now they all reside in my home.

Thank you Delores of the Feathered Nest Blog.

Please visit her fun blog.  She is a regular poster with the most interesting topics ... I hope to be like her when I grow up.


PS - See?  Isn't this dish just as sweet as it can be?
It loves living at my house.

Thank you, Delores.


  1. Congrats! I think that would make a lovely garlic container. I agree...great color!

  2. If you're happy, I'm happy lol. I like green too.

  3. Yes that is darling. I am posting about a giveaway I won too. Blogging is such a great way to express joy and share things. Congrats on your blogoversary. Blessings

  4. Congratulations! I agree - looks wonderful in your house! You know what I say - you can never go wrong with green!


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