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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Anniversary That Was ...

Dear Blog,

Retired Knitter here!

On July 20th I missed your 2 year Blog Anniversary.    I feel bad about that - like I had missed one of my children's birthdays or something! What kind of a blog owner am I if I could miss that kind of event?

After all the help you have given me over these past years, I am shamed faced that I didn't discover my error a few days earlier.

You were born when when my thoughts and emotions threatened to explode if they didn't go somewhere.  You were there when it was just you and me and no one else.  You were there when blog friends started to show up to share my life, to lift my spirits, to make me smile, and to surprise me with their sharing.  You were there (sitting patiently) while I zoned out and didn't write for weeks.

Now 514 postings and 127 followers later, you are still there.  And thankfully so are many of those blog friends.

So Happy Anniversary my dear blog (a few days late.)  And thank you readers for two years of sharing and laughing and fun sprinkled with some highs and lows.  I look forward to many more.

Retired Knitter


  1. Happy Blogaversary.....the "sphere" wouldn't be the same without you.

  2. I enjoy creative writing . . . Happy Two Year Blog Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on 2 years!

  4. Happy Anniversary! It's been two years already!! Wow that went fast!!

  5. Happy Blogiversary! Hope that there will be many more!

  6. Congrats, dunno if I'll make two years, who knows! It sure is a great place to vent and share for sure!


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