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Monday, July 30, 2012


I own a rigid heddle loom - a Kromski Harp - 16" wide.  And the more that I use it, the more I want to use it.

But it has been a slow road to climb and I am a novice.  I bought my loom in May 2011 (yes, over a year ago), in a desperate attempt to keep connected to all things yarn (knitting had sadly slipped off my radar in 2011.)  It was that kind of year.

My dear cousin assembled the loom that May 2011 and helped me get it warped up.  I finished that first project in January 2012 when I saw her again (May to January - a casual weaver could complete 10 scarves in that time.)  

Hem stitch on edge
Obviously desperate attempts are exactly that.  Desperate.  But in 2012 the complexities of my life began to clear, and I took up the loom once again.  I am joyfully hooked to weaving.

I love my loom.  I am eager to weave and to warp up new projects.  I am still a rookie, but I know this hobby has now put its stamp on me!  I am many scarves into this craft.  I am now working on a table runner (pictured here).  It is turning out problematically but I am learning from it.

I am haunting web sites looking for another Harp - this time 32" wide - so that I can make a broader range of projects.  I will get the stand that hold the loom because 32" wide is to big a loom to brace against a table. 

And I joined a weaving club.  Spunky Eclectic Weaving Club.  A club project is sent to you every other month.  Each time the project and the skills used are different.  It will is a good way to expand my skill level with this new craft.

Like a bug bite that needs to be scratched ... I am now weaving.

Someday - maybe this year - I will get out that beautiful spinning wheel that I named Agatha back in 2010 - a Kromski Sonata - and take care of that spinning itch that has not left my radar.  


  1. That is so pretty. Looks like you're doing a great job!

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  3. Your table runner looks very nice. I would think weaving on a loom would be soothing. Exception being, an intricate pattern. I used to do lap weaving on a frame and made various wall hangings, etc and really enjoyed it. Good luck with your weaving.

  4. Your table runner looks great! I know that weaving can be a very soothing pastime and goes much quicker than knitting. (I have a similar but hardly used loom. I just knit too much:)


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