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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two walk day - 17,000 steps

July was a pretty tough month for walking steps.  It was hot!! And early in the month I was on an unofficial vacation from life - no blogging, no walking.  I still tracked my steps, but I made no effort to bump up my totals.  As a result I didn't reach my July goal of 10,500 daily steps average for the month.  My 30 day average was approximately 9,900 steps - ok, just not at goal.

So the August goal is a repeat - 10,500 daily steps average.

But today, the last day of July, I wanted to go out with a "bang."  With my 30 minutes of stretching (conversion steps) and my 2 long walks today, I reached 17,000 steps!  That is a record for me since  May.  (My all time record was 31,000+ steps in one day back in 2009.)

Anyway, I am pleased that I ended the month well.

Finally, I am looking forward to Fall and Winter (my favorite season).  If I can keep focused, keep increasing my step totals, keep increasing my physical endurance now ... the fall should be great.

Less heat, better endurance!!


  1. Hi, I enjoy exercising by walking too, plus twice a week in a warm indoor pool and a few minutes on a stationary bike. It's all good!

  2. I'm sure the cooler weather will make a big difference. It has just been too too hot.

  3. 17,000+ steps the last day of July is a great kick off for today! Can you believe it is AUGUST.


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