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Friday, July 27, 2012

Through my Caregiver Eyes - A visit

Most weeks include 3 or 4 visits to see mom.  

In December of 2011, I was forced to place my mom in Assisted Living.  (The story of our journey over the terrible times from November 2010 to December of 2012 are found under the heading - Through My Caregiver Eyes on this blog.)  That move was a hard and tearful decision for me, but she no longer had the strength to climb the 20 steps into my house. 

We were lucky enough to get her into Brooke Grove Assisted Living - the same organization that had provided her rehab on several occasions.

And so my regular visits to Brooke Grove continue.

And many days my dear grand-dog, Milo, comes with me.  Look at that face.  Look at that bone.  He is such a welcome little soul during my visits with mom.  In fact, when I show up without Milo, staff asks how Milo is doing!!

And he is an "attention sponge."  If you have a free hand for scratching, he is there!

Mom's adjustment for the most part has been wonderful.  She no longer peppers me with questions about when she is going home.  She thinks of Brooke Grove as "home."  And I am grateful.

Of course, a little part of me is sad that she cannot be home with me.  Sad that she cannot pick up the threads of the life she had before all the loss.  That same little part worries that she doesn't ask any more about going home because she has given up.  And it is just part of a long list of things I have sadly watched her give up over the last 5 years.

I know that she doesn't feel this sadness.  It is my sadness at experiencing all her loss.  Now her life settles around a very few things.  Visits from her family and weekly Mass on Sunday.

 I can do that for you mom.
You don't need to give up those things as well.


  1. Good to hear your Mom is accepting her new home.

    Milo is so cute

  2. They look quite contented together.

  3. Tearful memories for me . . . you are a wonderful daughter!

  4. Milo is too cute for words, and I can imagine he brings such joy on his visits. I'm so glad your mom is accepting her home, I can understand how difficult this has been for you.

  5. I can feel the love that you have for your mother by just reading your profile. Anyhow, paying her a visit is a great thing. Our parents tend to become emotional as they get old. Sometimes, they feel that they're being disregarded and think that we have forgotten them when we don't visit them often. I've experienced that with my dad and grandma firsthand, so you should see her regularly. You should bring Milo too because it seems that you mom loves to see him as well. :)

    Taneka Carl


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