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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Morning Light

You might wonder how I would know anything about morning light.

My normal day begins around 7:00 am with a stumble to the bathroom, and a stagger to the coffee pot, and a slump over the lap top while I sit at my kitchen table ... all in an effort to get my brain  coordinated with my body before I must interact with other beings I share the earth with ... like around 9:00 am.

Yes, until recently that was the sad state of my early morning.

But intense heat this summer has changed all that.

Now if I walk it is in the morning right after coffee.

And so, I know about morning light.  It was a wonderful discovery.  The walk starts slowly because the caffeine has not yet reached my extremities as I step out the door.  But within 10 minutes my focus has shifted from my back, my knees, my elbow, my knuckle ... to my stride and my surroundings, and the morning light

 ... like this.

 You miss a lot if you wait to long too step out the door. 

Best of Luck to all the Olympians of the 2012 Summer Olympics.
I think of you during my morning walk.


  1. So true . . . I used to do a morning walk consistently. Thank you for renewed inspiration!

  2. Morning light is a special thing! Love your pictures.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I needed a nudge.


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