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Thursday, September 23, 2010

# 9 Read - I think I remember how.

I used to read a bunch! It was my main thing to do.

We had a library in our house. And I read everything. I loved all kinds of books: adventure, science fiction, autobiography, historical fiction, romance, escapist stories, you name it. Not very focused I know, but I didn't discriminate. And I was married to a man who valued reading almost above everything else. He had a huge growing personal library and didn't really use the public library because owning the book was almost as important as reading it. And as our disposable income grew, we built a large collection of books between us.

Then in the 90's I stopped reading for fun - like a cold dead stop! I was too busy with working to read. I read some, but it was all work related stuff and when I was free of work - like at 2:00 am, I was sleeping. I think back on that time as a "sick" time.

Reading was just one of the many things I stopped. I worked all the time. I no longer had time to read, to walk, to stay connected with people (unless they were work people) and I didn't have hobbies either. When I finally came to my senses, I started to add things back into my life - starting with my husband and kids (I said it was a sick time, didn't I?). And then I took up knitting. Knitting was my main vehicle back to a normal life. As my husband said at the time, paying for knitting classes was cheaper than paying for therapy. Did I mention that I am thankful that my husband stuck around during the 7 years of my "sick time"? I am grateful - in the extreme.

But not everything returned. Reading for fun did not return. I have listened to a number of audio books - I guess that counts some. And the "reading train", that was fueled greatly by my husband's love of books, slowed a lot when he sold off his personal library. His eyes were failing him (how cruel is that), and to prepare for the possible inability to read, he sold his books. He has replaced them over time with a huge audio library. He listens to books all the time, but the physical act of sitting, reading, turning the pages of a book ... that is rare for him now. Never, never fail to appreciate the smaller things of life. Sometimes they are bigger than you think.

I miss reading, and I want it back.

So I have added this as a goal - I can't say I am reading a lot right now, but it is happening more and more. And there are some favorites that I would like to share. In looking at other blogs, lots of people make lists of the books they have read. I think I will expand on this idea a bit. I'll make a list over time. But some books are special enough to devote a full posting to talk about them.

Reading will be a struggle for awhile. This reading thing has to fit inside my current life that is already filled with other hobbies, mom duties, dog time, doctor appointments, taxi service for my family, exercise, not to mention occasionally (and I mean very occasionally) cleaning a toilet or running the vacuum. But it is a 20 year goal.

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  1. Reading is a very important part of my life and I always have a few books around that I'm reading. I am SO THANKFUL for my eyes!! It's great that you are going to get back into reading. Check out the website LibraryThing if you haven't yet. I have a link to it on my sidebar.
    I'm glad you started knitting because if you didn't, I would never have met you!!


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