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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Walking my legs off in September!

Once again I walked Centennial Lake today with my husband - the weather just can't be any better - cool, breezy, sunny with no humidity! The lake still looks very green but, the coming of fall will bring great changes - I love it!

I noticed when I logged my miles for today's walk on MapMyRun.Com, I had totaled 53.96 miles during my exercise walks for September - as of September 18th!! Still many days left in September. That is outstanding, because in all of August I had logged only 51.95 miles - for the whole month. I have really upped my effort this month. I should be well ahead in September when I sum up my exercise efforts. Of course, the down side of that is that I have made October more of a challenge!

There were also tons of people at the lake. When we pulled into the parking lot I commented to my husband that some kind of activity must be going on because the parking lots were all full. Not so, just everyone enjoying the beautiful outdoors. I did make a mental note to avoid the weekends - weekdays are much more quiet.

And tomorrow my family returns from the beach!! Yeah!!! Looking at my To-Do list, I won't do quite as well in the completions as I did in the walking miles. I'll look at it again tomorrow.

Hope you did something wonderful this magnificent Saturday.

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  1. I usually stay away from my lake on the weekends too. Much nicer with fewer people during the week!!


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