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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Look back - at the beginning

I updated by Exercises and Report Card pages. In the future, that is where exercise stats and updates will be listed. No sense cluttering up the body of the blog with stuff that would probably be of interest to only me! But if curious, click those tabs. Those pages are still in development so they will probably change over time.

Today will be a "rest the feet" day - so no walk. Yesterday was a big step total for me - over 15,000 steps, but little reminders from my feet are telling me to take it slow today. We have many places to go - starting with a trip to get a haircut. I always call my hair cuts - Face Lift Days. :-)

Enjoy your Wednesday - this is the only Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - you are ever going to have! Make it a good one.


  1. How do you get the tabs of the other topics up there under the heading? I see more people are doing that now, so you all know something I don't know. Can't let that be!

  2. Well, I noticed when I was creating a posting, (I think it is on the Dashboard Page), there was a tab that allowed you to "edit a page" - or something like that. I selected that and there I saw an option to create a new page. So I selected it and it just popped up. You might need to experiment - and it might also be related to the blog template I selected. Not sure - since I am still learning about all of this.

  3. You can't rest your feet today! :-) It's the start of the competition on WalkerTracker!
    So far I have 17,219 steps for today.

  4. OK HappyOne - I got on the treadmill tonight for a 45 minute walk - it was a slower walk so the mileage was low. But with 40 minutes of Tai Chi and 20 minutes of stretching - I managed to get the total up to over 12,000 for the day - which is pretty good for me. I can hardly wait to see how many steps you rack up!


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