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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Glorious Day to be Outside

A glorious day for a walk. Absolutely sensational. It was 65 degrees when I stepped out the door this morning at 9:20 am. No humidity, a wonderful breeze, no clouds - and for a change it was so cool that I could walk without dodging the sun the whole time. I walked for 75 minutes and could have gone longer but duty called at home. The picture on the right shows a lovely walk I take with the dogs that is right behind my townhouse complex. We have walked that path tons of times. The dogs love it - good smells back there! :-)

The weather today was so perfect that mom and I made a short trip to our local farm stand. This time I took pictures and I even had the owner take a picture of mom and I together. She can't make long trips because it tires her out, but a visit to the farm stand is always fun for both of us.

And the weather into next week looks like more of the same!! I can hear the siren's call of Fall. Next week - when I have a little more time ('cause my grand dogs will be enjoying a week at the beach) ... I will get in my car and find new areas to walk around. When time is an issue, I hate to spend time driving to a walk - then walking - and then driving back. It is one of the many reasons why I don't join a gym or athletic club. But next week the weather appears to be wonderful, I will have more time and my walking times are increasing. I am ready for new scenery!


  1. Oh yes, it was a terrific day for walking!! That produce stand looks familiar!
    Tried leaving a comment in your next post, but blogger wouldn't let me.
    I feel the same about hobbies as you do as I'm sure you already know. Funny to read how I got you started on more. Monday I'm trying something new - Golf. Ken and I are taking a lesson. Who knows maybe that's my next passion. :-)

  2. I'm going to want to come back and look at posted pictures of this beautiful time of year---when snow's piled up two feet deep this winter.
    I'm having fun learning how to use my new camera. But how many pictures of the sky does a person need?
    Your walking area is lovely.

  3. Beautiful picture of you and your mom. Where is the farm stand, we only know Franks near us.

  4. Happy One - I accidentally issued Friday's post early. I thought I pulled it back (it doesn't show on my end now but I guess you can see it) - it is "scheduled" for release for tomorrow, but somehow you saw it early. You might be able to comment on that post tomorrow.

  5. Great picture of you and Aunt Elaine - give her a hug for me - you too!


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