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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Knitting with friends.

I love Tuesdays. Every Tuesday I am amazed at how congenial our Knitting group is. This is a drop-in group that is open to all, but there are regulars who usually attend, and today we had 7 participants. Seven is a small group for us, as we usually 15 to 20. But since the group was small we had the most interesting conversations - a sharing of life experiences that made us the people that we are today. It was wonderful.

Happy One also brought her weave it blanket with her ... it is a blanket in development but oh so beautiful. The pictures show her working on the Weave It loom.

Tuesday is the best day of the week!


  1. I really enjoy our knitting group too and look forward to Tuesdays.
    Thanks for the kind words.

  2. The crochet & knitting group I attend is a great group too. We meet on Wednesdays, two hours in the afternoon. Our conversations cover everything under the sun, from trivial to serious, from jokes to caring suggestions if someone shares a problem. We usually have about 10 ladies come.
    People who enjoy needling and hooking are great people!

  3. Today was just a lovely relaxing day at knitting, I echo Happyone. I stand in awe of her Weave It Talents!

  4. What a neat blanket!! What loom is that?

  5. Hi Pheelya, the loom is called a Weave-It! It is a small hand-held loom that was popular in the 1930-1950s and then they stopped making them. Happy One (pictured in this posting) has 2 of them - one was made by her grandfather and the other is an original Weave-It! I found mine on eBay on a "buy it now" sale - someone was making them under the description of a Weave-It Style loom. We compared mine to Happy-One's and they are the same. The pictures don't do the woven squares justice. They are beautiful. And what I like is that you can use up left over yarn - some sock yarn needs to be doubled I discovered but still a beautiful product.


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