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Monday, September 27, 2010

Today I "caved"!

I am sooo tired today. I caved.

It is rainy - all day rainy. This is the view from my front step. Rain. I usually like a rainy day. Today it makes me tired.

I walked. I usually get a "second wind" from walking. Today it made me tired.

I have Tai Chi practice on Mondays. Instead I sat on the couch and watched "Monk". I felt bad missing practice, but the rain, and the tired ... Today - no Tai Chi.

I want to take a nap. I don't nap well. I can't sleep in the middle of the day and if I do (rare), I feel terrible when I wake up. I feel bad for hours after. Today ... napping is the last thing I would do.

I have $75 in gift cards for Borders Book Store. I could get $75 of whatever I want for noth'en. But that would mean leaving my couch. Today ... no free stuff for me.

The only thing I didn't cave in on was ... walking. I am proud of myself for walking. The rest will just have to wait until I feel better.

And I did weave-it weaving today while sitting on the couch. And through the magic of the Internet and on line shopping while sitting on the couch, I ordered some new hand held looms. And tonight is "Dancing With The Stars" so I will be watching that. I can do that from my couch, dressed in my PJ's with knitting in my hands and a glass of wine. I think by tonight I will have sprouted roots in this couch.

Tomorrow is knitting and dog day! I should be better tomorrow.

Post Note: Yes, I watch Dancing With The Stars. I love it. I love the dancing, the costumes, the improvements some stars make, the guest entertainers, the comments of the judges (they can be so funny), the music, the unexpected stuff that happens (it is live) ... I love it all. It is something that mom and I can share - she loves it too.


  1. I did a few weave-is too and read. I did fall asleep while reading for about 20 minutes. It must be the weather! Looking forward to knitting tomorrow!!

  2. Hi there, I found your blog from the looms to go group on ravelry.
    It's been raining here for the past three days and i felt the same as you do. I have several HR Looms and am waiting for a 14" one to arrive.

  3. Ohbobbins, thanks for the feedback on the Hazel Rose looms. They certainly look beautiful in the pictures. I ordered the Quit set and the 12" square loom - plus the DVD. I am eager to get the order. I am sure a 14" is in my future too. I am so new to weaving, and I really like the smaller portable looms rather than a table size one.


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