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Friday, September 17, 2010

Three beauties in the woods

My walked got pushed into the afternoon. I prefer the morning but I wasn't getting up early to fit in a walk. So after Tai Chi, a trip to the vet's, a bank visit with mom and lunch and a few other little things, I took off for my walk

I was restless again today and decided take one of the wooded paths that trails between the edge of the watershed and a housing development. It was cooler and deeply shaded. No too long into this walk I spied two little ears sticking up over the edge of a fence (I thought of Milo immediately - look at the ears!) I looked closer and the ears disappeared. So I walk to the side of the patch of trees and there were three little guys - two were babies for sure and one was just a bit older. They stared back. I got a few pictures and they never moved. I could help but wonder if their mom was somewhere near.

I continued my walk down the path and saw several "No Dumping Signs". I finally stopped to see what was being dumped. Apparently local residents were dropping old vegetation over the edge of the fence. I am sure they don't think this is a problem as they are not dumping actual garbage. But this kind of dumping is not good for the environment, and it does attract rodents to nest there. If they knew that they could be attracting mice and rats so close to their homes, they might not dump there. I am not sure the signs are making a difference.

I walked back into the neighborhoods and noticed this little doorway in the side of a tree. Very cute indeed. Maybe Alice from Wonderland lives in that tree. It is a very cute lawn decoration for sure.

I kept pushing on, feeling pretty good but I noticed my feet were beginning to hurt. That was new since I bought my new walking/running shoes. I looked down and discovered ... I had not changed my shoes before going out. I wasn't in my good running shoes at all. It is good to know that the $150.00 that I spent for those running shoes was well spent!



  1. Oh, then it's not just me! I have a pair of shoes just to wear and work in the house...and sure enough, a couple of days ago I forgot to change to outdoor shoes. So I chose another pair for indoors, and wouldn't you know! Yep. Well, I got a scrub brush and cleaned the soles
    up. I refuse to buy another pair already!
    Cute pictures. Love the little door.

  2. Ah, I have worn 2 different shoes out! Just not changing shoes - not a big issue LOL

  3. Its amazing all the different things you can see if you take the time to look at what you're walking past.


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