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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Milo perspective

I returned from the beach with my mama yesterday. She and I stayed at my grandma's overnight. Mama always promises me that she won't leave me ... but I know better! Like today.

She slipped out this door to go grocery shopping, she said. We didn't need any more food ... I have plenty! So I sat by the door waiting.

Finally my grandma opened the door for me.

Better! I can now see where she is going. Oh no maybe not. I don't see her.

Oh, there she is in the black car driving away! Away from me. Can't she tell that I am not in the front seat with her?

I finally got Grandma to take me out. Gone!! But I could smell her. I know if I could just go down to the curb, she might be waiting there for me.

I am waiting.

Waiting, and waiting.

I know she was here because I still catch her scent. (She smells soooo good! Just like a mama should.)

Why would she go away without me?

I am just going to sit right here and wait.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Still no mama!


I am at the curb! She is not here.


Still waiting!

Ok, so Grandma let's go in. She has left us both!

Let me check just one more time.

Grandma is a good couch buddy, but I sure wish mama was here!

YEAH! She is home, home home!!!!

I so love my hugs!

And those kisses, I so need my kisses.

But what I need more than anything, is my mama!

And, she came back. I knew she would. It was Grandma that was so worried!

I never doubted my mom!


  1. Too cute! This actually makes me feel bad leaving him!!!

  2. Frenchie Mom - he lives a dog life. They always live in-wait for their owners. Always!

    He lives a pretty good life because he has his grandma - but I can never replace you ... even your dad commented that Milo doesn't have the same attachment to me that the other 2 dogs have.

  3. Oh my goodness! That'll be Dotty when I leave her at the kennel Wednesday afternoon.
    What a sweet photo essay.


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