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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Soap Box Updated - Housekeeping

I updated the "Soap Box" Tab today for those who follow that page.

The rant for September is Housekeeping. I used the word "hate" so much that I had to get out a Thesaurus to find other words. :-)


  1. Your second and third paragraphs had me laughing out loud, whether you meant to entertain or not.

    Personally, I find that I have lower standards for house neatness, the older I become. But I would like to be able to find the wind chimes I took down in this past Spring's windstorm, and put away....someplace.....

  2. Hi Anita

    My entries ususally are to amuse, even when there is truth in them - like housekeeping. I don't plan to rant every month, because I am not all that wired up about a ton of stuff ... just a few things. Glad you enjoyed September's topic.

    I find the things that I put away in a "safe place" are always the most difficult to find. I like to say that they are so safe, they are safe from me as well. My husband and I joke about the 5 hammers that are stored safely in this house and when I am looking for one, not one of those 5 can be found. We used to go buy another one, but now we just look harder. How many hammers does one need afterfall.


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