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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bracing Myself

Mom is already (after only 2 days in rehab)
trying to predict when she can come home.

She has determined that next weekend should be good.

Still wheel chair bound, she seems totally blind to her physical limitations
and the challenge this home presents to someone in a wheel chair.
Suggestions and reminders that her stay will be longer
seem to fall in deaf ears.

I am bracing myself for the depression, the anger, the disappointment.

Even though she is not in my home now,
she fills my brain with worry.

This will be a very difficult period.


  1. Sounds like reality hasn't made an impression on her yet.

  2. My mom was the same way. She also had to face and overcome the same depression, anger, and disappointment. When the days came and she would not/could not get out of her bed, she was always convinced that she would walk again. We always admired that determination and spirit.
    I can totally relate to how she fills your brain with worry. Even after my mom moved into the nursing home, my mind was always consumed with thoughts of her...

  3. The needs of my mother consume my mind too

  4. Perhaps if you have a conversation with her physician, who can then summarize to your mother the difficulties of life at home that need to be addressed before returning home may bring the reality of returning home so quickly a little more distant.

  5. Hi Elaine .. I do hope things get easier all round .. I quite like what Noofy says .. it must be so challenging for you - and I hope things work out for you. Thinking of you .. Hilary

  6. Hope everything is going well over there.


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