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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Progress ... of a kind

This is my favorite yarn of all time.

It has been discontinued by Classic Elite and is now on clearance at Webs. I am soooo sad it is going away for good, but happy to finally get some on almost 50% off.

This color is called Azalea. Isn't beautiful? I have had this yarn for only about 3 weeks and it already has an extensive history with me.

I cast on for a sweater after a whole day of trying to get the correct gauge in multiple swatches. Knitted from the hem up, the sweater is constructed in one piece, so it began with a few hundred stitches. I can't tell you how many times I counted and counted and counted to get the number exactly right. It was a struggle for some darn reason. I didn't think counting could be so tough.

Finally the count was right.

This is the sweater I was working on.

Yes, "was".

The first 6 rows were a breeze - then the problems began. Do the cable set up row, get the stitch markers in place correctly, count stitches ... count is wrong ... take the stitch markers out, replace the markers, count again ... wrong again, (swear) ... take them out again, count, add a stitch or two to get the count right, add the markers ... count ... WRONG AGAIN!!

(Swear loudly)
(Husband innocently comments out loud how much fun I appear to be having!)

It is so long since he has seen me knit anything complicated, he forgets that there is a danger period for by-standers.

I glare.

He remembers.

He retreats!

Then I finally get the count right. I read the stitch instructions, I knit a whole row. I knit it WRONG!!!

Clearly ... I am out of practice at this knitting thing. Guess I am now just a "knitter", and not a "Knitter"!!

I unknit several hundred stitches (several hundred frick'en stitches) - using swear words that I haven't used for 18 months.

Husband is no where to be seen.

Finally I get it right.

I knit about 4 inches of this sweater (one heck of a lot of knitting).

I look at my work. Everything looks right ... except ... I decide I don't like the match of this yarn to this pattern. I just don't like it.

I set the project aside.
I go to the kitchen.
I pour myself some wine.
I take a big gulp.
I go back.
I look again.
It has to go.
Another big gulp of wine!!

I rip out all 4 inches. I wasn't using this "favored of all yarns" on the wrong pattern.

But I was not deterred!

I found 4 other possible patterns. But this time I already knew my gauge with this yarn and needles so I picked a pattern that matched that gauge. Sort of a backwards process but no matter.

Big smile on face! (the wine helped) I was knitting again.

I cast on for a new sweater, called The February Lady Sweater. This pattern begins at the neck and knits down to the hem (a top down sweater). I had decided to change the pattern a bit, but 4 inches into knitting the sweater I determined that I didn't like one of my changes.

(Actually I am way past that word now ...
I am on to bigger, better, more colorful swear words!)

My husband is no where to be seen, and now my mom and the cats have left the room as well!

Once AGAIN, I ripped it all out.

What you are seeing is my third attempt with the yarn! And I think I have it right this time.

I think!
Anyway, all these attempts have not dampened my love of this yarn or for knitting this sweater. The yarn is soft, beautifully dyed with slight tonal changes, and produces a beautiful fabric.

The swearing and dangerous period for on-lookers has passed.

The family and pets have returned to the room.

The Knitter has also returned!



  1. Yea Knitter! Lovely color.I got my Waterlily "Bark" last week. I am almost finished with my current sweater and want to knit with Waterlily next. I need to decide on a pattern!

  2. Hats off to the Knitter.

  3. LOL Sometimes knitting is like that, but you have see it through. Glad that the danger to on-lookers has past. Knit on!

  4. You have patience, I'll give you that! I would have given up and moved onto something easier. I do love the color, but I'm biased. Purple is my favorite color. Perseverance brings results, yay you!

  5. Love your "colorful" story! :-)
    Can't wait to see the finished sweater...and love the color = beautiful!


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