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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can you top this?

It was one of those days.

Bright, sunny, crisp, cool and fall-ish. Perfect really.

I knew it couldn't last.

I had 4 things to do today. Piece of cake.
  1. Food shop
  2. Get mom out for her flu shot.
  3. Get the title of the Maxima from the bank - we are car shopping.
  4. Go pick up Milo in Bethesda.
Grocery shopping went well enough. My husband and I have always food shopped together all 42 years. Mom was eating breakfast when we left. She was feeling pretty good today. She planned to clean up the dishes and get dressed while we were gone.

Arriving home the first problem was discovered. As I walked in the door, I saw mom's feet on the floor - not in a standing position either. She had fallen and had sat on the floor for 40 minutes in our absence. We got her upright. She seemed fine. She walked very slowly to the bathroom and then went upstairs to get dressed. But I decided we didn't need to go for the flu shot today. I called her doctor, cancelled the appointment and the doctor promised to visit the house by tomorrow just to check her out and give her the flu shot.

When will I ever learn. Appearances are deceiving in elder care ... but I am skipping forward too fast.

So the next thing on the agenda for today was the title of the car. I headed for the bank. As I walked into the bank lobby a very nice attendant asked if they could help me. I opened my mouth to speak and the partially chewed nut in my mouth slipped into my wind pipe. I began to violently cough, to gag ... my breathing was difficult. People raced to my side, offered me tissues, water, lead me to a chair, I kept coughing. I tried to take a breath and it sounded thin and ragged. I couldn't fill my lungs with air.

It was kind of an out of body experience.

I remember thinking, "maybe I should be panicky, boy that inhalation sounds bad, gosh I can't seem to to fill my lungs". They asked if I wanted them to call 911 Emergency. I shook my head no, but couldn't say anything. Seconds later a bank manager said in my ear (while I am coughing, tears running down my face, gagging), "Emergency is coming. I just wanted you to know." They pulled up, brought the gurney into the lobby. Other thoughts popped in my head, "Damn, if they take me to the hospital and my car is in this parking lot, how will I get to Milo," ... don't forget my agenda!! :-)

By the time Emergency came I could tell that I had managed to cough up the offending nut. Fluid was still streaming from every orifice of my head, coughing/gagging was still going on, but my breath was returning. I still couldn't speak, but I could fill my lungs (and then try to cough one of them out onto the rug), but still!!

Once I began to improve, I improved quickly. I signed a release saying I refused to go to the hospital. I was fine.

And I was.

So I got the car title and tried to slink out of the lobby after thanking the bank manager. And I drove out to Bethesda to get Milo.

Upon returning home, I discovered mom couldn't walk. She said on a scale of 1 to 10 - with 10 being the worst pain ever - her pain when putting weight on her right leg was a 10. Damn!!!

I called the doctor again. This day was defiantly not one of my better ones!

Now it is 10:45 pm. I sit in my mom's den waiting to hear if she needs help getting out of bed to urinate. I am dead tired. She is struggling with pain, but she has a pain patch on to help. It probably will be a difficult night, but ...

We are home ... for now. Tomorrow will start with a 6:45 am visit from the doctor, maybe a trip by ambulance to radiology, maybe a trip to the ER ... but, for now, we are home.

I am glad!

I am breathing pretty good, too! :-)


  1. Hi Retired Knitter - sounds like a really difficult day and I feel for you .. all in all not to be repeated if possible .... all the best for today and I sincerely hope your mother feels easier. With thoughts - Hilary

  2. Oh my...what a day.
    I'll say a little prayer that your mother feels better. Maybe she's just really sore from the fall? At least that's what I'll be hoping for.

  3. Oh boy..the best laid plans and all that. So #1 I'm relieved that you are all right. That experience must have been pretty scary, and, #2 keeping my fingers crossed for your mom that there is nothing seriously injured. One of those days you are really glad are over.

  4. Oh my goodness!! What a day! Glad you ended up being okay!! Hope your mom will be too.

  5. Oh geez, that's the kinda of stuff that happens to me more often than I'd like. Unfortunately, I gag when I swallow too fast (on anything). It's the same reaction you described. Best feeling in the world is to be able to breathe again. Hope Mom is on the mend!

  6. OH MY!!!! I was going to ask you what you were referring to in an email but now I know! Sounds scary - so glad you are OK. Happy to hear Aunt Elaine is fracture free!

  7. Thank God you could get to your mom.
    My dad would close the door to his room at night--of course--and more than once he fell...and either fell against the door or crawled over to it, so that I couldn't open it to get to him. I had to call the squad once to help me get the door open and get to him.
    p.s. He never broke anything by falling, but he sure bent his walker out of shape :/

  8. Oh My that sounds horrible.
    What a bad day.
    Poor Mum and poor you.
    I have leg cramps in damp weather and I try to drink a lot of water to alleviate the pain just in case its muscle cramps from lack of water . I try to do a little jumping around to help too and my boy finds me funny.
    I told him one day he may understand I know I didn't when grand parents told me.
    The muscles leave and then there is not much to do.I think a muscle exercise program would benefit.


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