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Friday, October 7, 2011

What was I doing?

Well, I survived my blogging break.

I really didn't think I would be faithful about taking a break.

The first few days were tough. But then life filled the void - and for a change it wasn't filled with any illnesses or trips to the hospital with mom.

First, it began with the vertical blinds that cover the kitchen slider. The top cap spontaneously fell to the floor missing me by inches. Just popped off - weirdest thing. In fact, the blinds began to fail weeks ago when they wouldn't close or open without muscle. These are the new ones.

The kitchen door slider was not to be outdone. While measuring for the new binds, I noticed the frame of the glass was bent in the slider. The door has been hard to close for months. Guess the frame was bent from all the effort. Time to replace this old door of about 20 years. This is the new door.
Then I noticed that the white wood interior frame they put in around the slider was essentially unfinished! We didn't have any paint from the original paint job in the kitchen (from probably 15 years ago). So I purchased a lovely green color called Dusty Leaf that I thought we would use in the future and painted the frame.
Then I realized that it doesn't take a gallon to paint the frame, so I started painting a few other surfaces that were just a total mess. We desperately need to paint the whole interior, but a few kitchen surfaces might spruce up the look until I can forced myself to experience such a disruptive activity. Have I told you how much I hate painting?

But I did this.

And this.

But truthfully, we need to paint because the other old paint surfaces look so sad next to the freshly painted ones.

I am sure you can see how this is developing ... and I know that NO ONE is surprised.

When I bought the paint I also picked up color swatches of a companion color called Lush Shade. It is an off white with a hint of green in the same color way as Dusty Leaf.

Next week - a trip to Lowe's is on my agenda. I may as well pick up some caulk so I can repair the fine cracks between the wall and the counter.

And while I am there I might casually check out the materials for new counters, 'cause once I paint the walls, I am sure the counters will start screaming about how pissy they look!


And still, I will not do more than a few painted surfaces! :-)

That statement is a true one - because this old body can't do even this little bit of painting without complaining loudly each morning.

I do love the new look of the kitchen. The all white appliances and white counter look so much better against a darker color. And the simple changes made things look a little cleaner and inviting.

So that is one thing that has kept my fingers busy.

I'll check in with some other projects that have filled my life during the break in a few days.


  1. Our kitchen is green with white trim..sort of the reverse of your new look... It really gives you a lift when you spruce up a section of your home doesn't it?

  2. How fun to be productive and beautifying your house. I'm glad to read this. When you went over 2 weeks I worried there may have been a health crisis with your mom. Relieved it wasn't that.

  3. Love that shade of green. Everything looks great!

  4. You've done a great job decorating! Green is my favorite color, and I'm impressed that you're so artistic! Welcome back! Julie

  5. Well done on achieving so much and then deciding to keep going - I must say it all looks very fresh .. enjoy your handywork .. have a great weekend .. Hilary

  6. Lovely shade of green! My brother in law calls it project creep - happens a lot around here!

  7. Wow, your kitchen looks wonderful! Congrats on being so productive, I'm impressed. Great to see you back! :)

  8. Your kitchen looks fabulous. Love the colour! You have the exact same kitchen layout as in my house. I wondered how a shade of green would look and now I know. It may be time to change my appliances from black to white. Glad you're back from your break.


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