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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rainy Ride

Today was Thursday! Thursday is the day I drive into Bethesda to pick up Milo. Come with me on my trip!

Although it was rainy, the first part of the trip down Route 95 was pretty tame.

But this was just the first 5 minutes. This weekly trip can take the normal 30 minutes or it can take 2 1/2 hours ... one way!

Don't move to the Washington DC area unless you can tolerate traffic.

Of course, I generally have a reward built into the beginning of the trip.

A Frappe Mocka with an extra shot of expresso. Whip cream and a cherry on the top, frosty ice cream with chocolate and coffee flavors. Yumm ... It is 8 points on my diet, but worth every point. And I count it as lunch since I am not hungry after drinking it.

However, this is probably my last one. The last few have upset my stomach a bit - having problems with GI regurg and this treat seems to set off gas symptoms. Boo.

As I approached the Washington Beltway the traffic picked up. So typical. But the back up is moving.

I am always surprised when I can make this trip without a back up. Of course with rain, you can almost count on traffic delays.

Soon the traffic breaks up on the Beltway, but if you look to the left, it is a "parking lot" on the other side of the road.

Oh well. Maybe it will be gone when I make the return trip. (HA!) If not, I am prepared.

Yes, knitting!! In fact, my husband suggested I bring a bed roll! Maybe a tooth brush and tooth paste. LOL

I will have my knitting and my Milo so I will be happy.

Finally! Milo's home.

And look who is waiting!

Bet his mom told him that his Grandma was coming.

Smiling? Yes, I think so.

Ready to get in the car!

"Hey look everyone, I am going to Grandma's."

The traffic did not disappoint! A bear of a trip back to Grandma's.

"But I am with Grandma, so who cares."
"Ah, Grandma, who is driving the car if one hand is one me and one hand is on the camera?"

Dear Milo. that is what knees are for.

(Actually we were stopped ... really.)

Almost home - thankfully! Love the fall colors even in the dismal weather.

"I think we are here!!"

"Grandma, we are here, right? I think I see Blitz, my friend."

Another safe trip to Bethesda and back under our belts!!


  1. Well that was quite the trip. You are a wonderful grandmother to Milo. I wondered who Milo was going to turn out to be. ☺ Cute! Oh, I will not be moving to the Washington, D.C. area any time soon. Lately, I can't stand driving downtown.

  2. Lucky Milo. Do you take him home or does his mom and dad come for him?

  3. I always love seeing him in the window waiting for his mama!

  4. I'm in agreement about our traffic here. I always say "pack your patience". I loved the trip, even in today's crappy weather. It looks like Milo did too, what a happy dog!

  5. I enjoyed going with you on your trip.

  6. I've made that I-95 trip many times, mostly between Philadelphia and Richmond. I've usually been pretty fortunate with traffic and weather. It's a pretty stretch of highway.

    The McDonald's coffee drinks have become traveling staples for me since they introduced them.

    Tossing It Out

  7. A sweet dog and a yummy drink do a lot to make traffic bearable. You are a great grandma!

  8. Are you sure the car was stopped in traffic??? You did, after all, refer to your knees! LOL! What an adorable Grand~doggie...who could resist babysitting?..:)JP

  9. Such fun captions! Milo is a lucky pup.


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