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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Word Verification

... is apparently one hot topic among a few blogs that I follow.

For those "not in the know" ... Word Verification happens when you place a comment to another blogger's post and a grouping of poorly shaped letters pops up - with a request for you to type those letters into an open field - all in an effort to prove that you are a real person and not some spam machine.

I have always used Word Verification because on the few occasions when I didn't, I would get some bazaar unwanted comments that were obviously spam. But it is evident from some discussions that it is getting harder and harder to read those letters and thus type them correctly.

Soooo, I will drop that feature from my blog. I will install Comment Moderation!

All this means is that when you provide a comment, it will not show until I have had a chance to read and approve it.

The last thing I want to do is add frustration and barriers to the flow of comments in blog land, but I don't want to leave myself open to the idle shenanigans of a few crazy folks.

(The idle shenanigans of my few crazy friends are just Ok.)


  1. There you go....good for you. We'll show those crazy fuzzy half formed shadowed letters who's boss. Hah!! Speaking for myself only, I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.

  2. I can see why bloggers use it, although I don't have a problem myself. But they are really hard to read. Moderating will be a pain for you too. Hopefully Blogger will come up with a better solution...

  3. Sounds good to me! LOL - with my low readership I have never used word verification or Comment Moderation and have never had a problem!(uh, I better knock on wood!)

  4. Hi Elaine .. I hope mine does what yours does .. I get spam through - but see it in the email and just delete it from the spam folder .. but as soon as I switched comment captcha off - the spam started coming through again - I'd kept it at bay via the word verification ..

    Good luck to us all with this - I'd love to be able to comment on embedded comment boxes - but can't .. a real nuisance.

    Cheers - Hilary

  5. I've been so behind on blogs that I hadn't realized the word verification boxes had gotten difficult to decipher (until today!). I guess they think the robots have become more clever!


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