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Monday, February 6, 2012

Everyone Should Wear A Tux

My dear husband will need a tux for our son's wedding.

Measurements were taken, shoes were tried on, a mini view of the selections were displayed. While he was being measured, I took pictures. This kind of thing seems to happen .... oh, maybe only every 40 years or so!! I apologized to the staff for taking pictures, and they graciously recognized that I wasn't the first to take pictures of this infrequent event.

And in a blink of an eye - it was over. We were done. They will let us know a few days before the event when to pick it up. My husband said he couldn't remember the last time he wore a tux.

Silly man, I remembered!
He wore a tux at our wedding 42 years ago.
Now he remembers too!!

I have decided that EVERYONE should wear a Tux. The women too. Think on it!

I am the only one in the wedding party who DOESN'T have her wedding duds. And I am feeling the pressure of that fact. Where to get a dress, what to get, time going from one store to another, trying on multiple dresses, and ... (*sigh*) ... the wearing of it at the wedding! And then there are the shoes. I need to get shoes for this event. And hair - I need to get all 6 of my hairs done up!!! And I guess my usual solitary lipstick would be lost in the glittery sea of my dress, shoes and hair - so full make up is on the list of things I need to stress about - and not just any make up but the full deal done by a professional.

When all this is done, no one will know who I am.
I will be totally in disguise.
I could probably rob a bank.
No one would know it was me!!

Panic, Panic, Panic.

Men - they just walk in, get measured, pick it up 2 days before, run a comb through their hair, pluck a few nose hairs and maybe shave - or not! And DONE! And to add insult to injury ... they look good, too!

Everyone should wear a Tux!

PS - But for this wonderful woman who will soon be my daughter-in-law, I would do anything, including going in disguise!



  1. How exciting! And I agree about the whole dress, shoes, make up thing.
    But I would gladly do it if one of my kids took that big step. My daughter (now 31) claims that she will never get married and my son (still young at almost 23) says that he and his girlfriend won't talk about it until she's down with college (2 1/2 years). We'll see...

  2. Why NOT go in a tux?

  3. I do love a tux! I am trying to pick a shawl pattern, I have a dress but need a new shawl for the occasion!

  4. Don't panic. You will find a dress and shoes. And you will get your hair and makeup done. And you will look beautiful, and you will have lots of pictures to prove it!
    It will be a beautiful happy day for everyone!
    Now, if all the women wore tuxes, that might not be beautiful... I think you might look like a penguin family ☺

  5. Sure would make things easier!! : )

  6. All 6 hairs done up, huh? ;) You will find a dress and shoes to match. They can do wonders with 6 hairs nowadays, you know? :)


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