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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Walking Sunday

Seems like my life has settled into a quiet and unexciting period. Nothing to write about.

I did take a walk today. Took pictures to prove it. It was 50 degrees but for some reason I felt cold so I wore my long winter coat. People were walking around in shorts and I was in my "Nanook of the North" coat! By the time I got back I had at least thrown back my hood. I sure feel cheated by this warm winter weather.

Walking just isn't a habit yet and it is happening way to seldom. I am even having problems with that "little walking lady" at the top of my blog. For some reason when I go to the site to register the mileage, it doesn't document the total correctly.

Oh well, as of today it should show 30 miles which isn't all that great. But hopefully it will auto correct as some point.

Anyway, the blog has been quiet for a second week in the row. I seem to be on auto pilot - just cruising. Reading, knitting, crocheting ... visiting with mom ... and dog sitting. Oh, yes, and flower making ... some flower making!

Talk again soon!


  1. Sometimes a quiet time is needed - hope you have been enjoying the calm!

    LindaGM, Spinning First

  2. There is nothing more precious than an ordinary day.

  3. I found serenity in reading your post. Enjoy the calm.

  4. Oh I enjoy walking too, its so relaxing

  5. Quiet sounds very good to me. And at least the sun was shining :-)

  6. nothing wrong with cruising along. :)


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