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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Period of Adjustment!!

I am SUCH a creature of habit!

So I get a few comments in my email to my most recent posting, I read them, and put them in Trash - because they are automatically posted to my blog ... right??


I go out and check my blog, and there are no comments posted.

(hand hits fore head in an exaggerated response to my own stupidity)

I go back to my email, check my trash and find my comments are still there (thank goodness) and then open one up - and there is the option to "Publish", "Delete", or "Mark as Spam."

None of which I did!

So there is a learning curve - LOL!!!

And there was a Spam Comment to a 2011 posting.
They sure didn't waste any time sending me spam!

No matter, the mental exercise is good for me!
This will work just fine.


  1. You learn something new every day...sometimes two or three's all good.

  2. Thanks for your kind note on my blog - Life 101. I'm not following you as well.
    I follow mybabyjohn/Delores too.
    Again thanks.

  3. We learn something new every day! sandie


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