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Monday, February 27, 2012

Lake Walk

The temperature was 62 and sunny! I had to take advantage of it.
But walking around my neighborhood would not be enough for me today.

As much as I hate to do it,
I got in my car and drove to Lake Elkhorn - a small lake near my home.
This lake is near enough to walk to if I could do 90 minutes
and didn't mind walking alone through some isolated wooded areas (which I try to avoid).

The lake was filled with people today.
All ages.
Including this old lady.
(Geez, you would think she could comb her hair and put on a little lipstick!!)

I especially loved seeing these 2 senior citizens sitting on the bench
that Meathead and I shared all the time when he was a puppy.

Seeing this lady with her little dog made me a little lonely for my grand dogs
who would have enjoyed a trip to the park
as long as it didn't include much actual walking.

I have always envied the folks who live in these townhouses
so close to the water's edge.
How lovely it would be to sit on the porch,
and knit or read a book,
while the world passed by.

This walking bridge has a lovely bench built into the side
where you can sit and read or just enjoy the view of the lake.
This man, it turned out, was doing neither.
He was playing a game on his cell phone.
Go figure!

This tree was filled with messages carved into the bark.
Hope L + R are still in love.

The walk today was worth the car trip!


  1. The miles are starting to add up...good for you. Great shots too.

  2. I always like walking along the water. Looks like a lovely spot to "get in some miles" :-)

  3. I like these walks you've been taking us on. :) Lovely shots from the lake.

  4. Hi Elaine .. loved the tour - and a good walk. Poor woman - I know how she feels .. once a week I hope I don't have to go out - and look a wreck .. ?!! When I get to the Nursing Centre - I give the oldies a good laughter work out!!

    Cheers - love the photos etc .. have fun and congratulations on your walking ticker tape!! .. Hilary

  5. Oh my gosh, about 32 years ago, Mike and I carved our initials in a tree on a lake in Columbia! Could be that tree! Yup, we're still in love. I was 15 then:)

  6. That is a nice lake to walk around too. I used to walk there when I lived in Savage.


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