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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet Achilles

Yesterday's walk was topped off by a wonderful looking English Bull Dog called Achilles. I was on my way into the pharmacy and just ahead of me I saw this small - (no more than 100 lb woman) walking a magnificent English Bull Dog.

You KNOW I had to stop and love that fabulous dog. The lady said this was her second English Bull Dog. The first one was about 55 lbs - Meathead runs about 45 to 50! When the first dog died, they decided to get another one (of course), and they got Achilles - who didn't stop growing. He is about 70 lbs and 3 years old.

He was such a love. Affection personified - if you could avoid his crushing embrace. The owner warned me that he is a drooler and that I probably would need to change my clothes when I got home. I quickly assured her that we have an English Bull Dog in our family - so we are very familiar with the drool, not to mention the snoring, the burping, the passing of wind and all other bodily sounds!

"Ah," she said, "then you know!"

Indeed I do!

There is no breed of dog that has more personality or appeal!

You have to love a face like that.


  1. Really really cute dogs, they are!

  2. My sister and I have a fondness for bulldogs too. There's just something about them. Achilles, huh? I had a student last year with that name!

  3. How cute! My nephew has a bulldog and he is such a funny dog.

    Just catching up with your blog and your pics are all so wonderful. Sorry to read about the bubbles!

  4. Or, a face that only a mother could love.

    I've jumped into the middle of things. Must a take a minute or two and orient myself.


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