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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

I received this award from Doris from Hold My Hand, A Social Worker's Blog.
Thank you so very much Doris.

If you haven't visited Doris' blog yet, you really should. Doris is a nursing home social worker. I was drawn to her blog last year during a time when I really felt like I was running my own little nursing home. I could see my own life in many of the postings. And I also gained perspective and understanding with regard to the many aspects of aging.

I love the idea of sharing blog sites with other bloggers and I don't do that often enough. I have made so many unexpected blog discoveries from the recommendations of others. And I love the idea of giving this award to another blogger.

This is a new blog, and you will LOVE it. I know I did. Check it out. And say "Hi", and let them know that Retired Knitter sent you. And read the second post completely. It is about a wonderful bulldog, motherhood and the cutest puppies on the face of the earth!


  1. that is a cool the bulldogs and the tour of their farm
    Congrats on the award...well deserved.

  2. Congratulations on the award! Thanks for the blog recommendation - are they the cutest puppies!

  3. Yes I know about Doris' blog. I have been following her since my daughter is a MSW in a homeless shelter. It was in the 50's here Sunday also but felt colder to me. The wind was up. I enjoyed your previous blog about you and your mom going to church. It is a lovely church. I so enjoy your sharing of your time with your mom. I was the only caretaker for mine for years. You and she are both blessed.


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