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Thursday, May 31, 2012

There is a new "bully" in town!

Yes, the new English "bully" made his debut in our house on Tuesday afternoon.
  He doesn't have a name yet.

Today he met the French bully. 

He/she (not sure yet) has the same captivating face as Meaty.

The same wrinkly body.

The same droopy jowls.

Lays on his back the same way as Meaty does.

Smells the couch the same way.

Lays on his side with his head hanging
off the couch the same way Meaty does.
"Grandma, this bully is a little strange. There is no drool. "

"Grandma, there should be a smell or something at this end."
"Grandma, aren't I enough for you?"

The perfect dog.
No farts, no snoring, no drool, no accidents in the house.

But no personality, no affection!
not the perfect dog!

But cute, yes?


  1. Definitely cute! Wonder if any of the granddogs will cuddle with him?

  2. Absolutely cute.

  3. It's a boy bow, so definitely a boy!! Too funny! Well, you know your youngest Grand-dog will appreciate him!

    1. Ah, no! The new bully is not a toy for the French Bully. Mr Frenchie is VERY hard on his toys. He would destroy this new bully in one play session.

      But Mr. Frenchie does think this bully is for him. He spends a lot of time barking at the bully now. I need to find a place to put it where it can be enjoyed but no destroyed! :-)

  4. that's a plus!


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