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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Better today ...

... because

  • My husband only had a medicine reaction causing his blood pressure to drop which is easily corrected by adjusting meds. He is not dying from any dreadful disease - which, OF COURSE, I immediately assumed and which raised MY blood pressure and pulse rate off the charts. (Excuse me while I go take my own blood pressure pill.)
  • Both cats are now on meds for their coccidia infection.  And Wally's butt has been shaved with excellent results.  We can now see his little butt, but more importantly, we can see no poop or poopy mats in his hair.  Yeah for vet groomers.   AND we discovered Pill Pockets, a tasty cat treat that totally disguises to offending pill hidden within.  They both swallow those Pill Pockets down their gullets without a wrestling match.  (All those Internet jokes about what happens when you give try to give a cat a pill are TOTALLY AND UNDENIABLY TRUE - and we have 2 cats to pill each day for 14 days, so "All Hail to Pill Pockets"!!)
  • The retail store was adequately stocked with Bissell rug cleaning solution so I can get my carpets back to their normal dirty state without cat poop smears.
  • Mom is now adequately stocked with all those un-named items she needs everyday. She was also happy with the surprise visit on a non-visit day.  She enjoyed all the stories of my last 24 hours.  Glad someone enjoyed them.
  • I will be getting my dear Meathead and Grimace today so I can see for myself how they are doing (which reportedly is just fine), but you know how grandmothers are.  They need to see for themselves.
  • AND, I got my hair cut today.  I consider my hair cut my "face lift" day!!
See, Wednesday is better.

PS - I am sure this was way more information than you wanted to know.  But I feel better getting it out of my head and into my blog!!  Hope your day is as good as mine.


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! A good day.

Linda said...

I think I have had my head in the sand the past few days! Just got caught up on blogs and so happy to hear that things are better today.

Cat said...

Yep. The Husband gets a problem, I am the one that panics... I am glad all went well, and I know about the haircut "facelift"! Hope all goes well with family, cats, and just getting along with life!!! ;)


mare ball said...

Yep, I have to "dump" onto my blog too. It's a cleansing process. :-) So glad the cats are cleaned and everyone is feeling better. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, and I can't wait. It's driving me crazy. How a simple thing can improve my mood!