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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Juicer

I am a big believer in the idea:

"If you can buy something as good or better than you can make,
 buy it.  
Save your precious life moments for something that can't be bought."  

Since my favorite room in the house is NOT the kitchen, I amend that statement to describe food:

 "If you can buy something nearly as good as you can make, 
buy it."

Now ... meet the Juicer!

This piece of equipment doesn't make something that is nearly as good or better than good.  It makes something that is so much superior to what you can buy, that the name "juice" shouldn't be used to describe it.

Just like the "juice" from grapes is called "wine," this produce fluid should have its own name.

During a recent visit my cousin brought along her Juicer.  This piece of equipment is part of her new focus to eat better and to feel better.  Every morning she produces this wonderful fluid for her breakfast (I won't call it juice because that label is just so misleading.)

It takes some time to prep the vegs and fruits, but once that step is done, it is quick work to produce the most yummy beverage that is amazingly filling and tastefully satisfying ... and healthy as well.


Oh, and colorful!  Something that colorful has to be good!


  1. I've heard it's really good for you.

  2. Elixer, maybe? Nectar of the gods? Veggie Essence?

  3. My son David is really into this too and drinks a couple of these things a day. He's made some here at the house too. (He brought his Vitamix blender with him)
    Though it is good, I prefer to chew my calories. I feel like I'm getting more bang for the buck that way.

  4. I fell in love with my Vitamix when I found out it could make soup, from raw to cooked, all by itself. I mostly use it for fruit smoothies, but I see from your pictures that you use a lot of vegetables mixed with the fruit. Have you found a mix that is a little sweet, with no sugar, so you're not just eating smoothied spinach?

  5. The colors are so beautiful! I love to chew my calories, too, Happyone, but this looks awfully good, too. What a beautiful "infomercial" you have created!! You may have sold me!


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